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Use this form to submit a request to TTRPGkids about a project that you’d like to see on the site or are looking for support with!

**Note: The review queue is currently out past October 2024. If you would like to request coverage sooner, there are featured project spots currently available with a shorter timeframe that let you write about your own work and a cancellations wait list for reviews**

If you’d like me to run a featured project article, review, playtest, etc for your project, write on a Kickstarter, guest article, etc, OR run one of your guest pieces on the site, please fill out the form here so I’ve got all the info needed to check your request out! 

Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot on the site, but it does help me to do a quick initial evaluation and organize submissions so I can better help kid-focused and/or all-ages friendly TTRPG creators.

TTRPGkids has a few different ways that they support creators. Please see below for details, and the links in the titles will lead you to pages where you can see examples to help you decide what you’re looking for!

What I ask in return

It takes me time to work on requests (especially for reviews and playtesting), I spent years building this site up so projects featured here get noticed, and there’s fees I have to pay to keep the site going.

What I ask for in return is that you use the article that I post for you (link it, share it, cite it), share TTRPGkids with others if they’re looking for a resource, help boost other creators so our circles can all connect, and/or consider supporting TTRPGkids on ko-fi so I can keep up with baseline costs associated with the site and build new resources to help it grow (and get more people finding your work).

As we share and the site grows, my hope is that it will build up everyone (including you) who is featured here.

I am also now charging a minimal fee ($18) for featured project articles moving forward to help manage costs and request volume/quality. Anything earned from this will go towards supporting resource improvements on the site and ongoing projects.


I would need a copy of your game to try out, and then I would write a review, in my own words, about your game.

There is usually a queue because it’s the most popular request, and it takes time to play and write about the game, so this is best for projects that are OK to wait for a while before a post goes out.

Featured Projects

Featured project fee: $18

I would need a 400-800 word article written by you about your own project that covers:

  • what your project is
  • how your project is all-ages, kid, or teen-friendly
  • your recommended age range
  • links to your project
  • any art you’d like to include in the article
  • anything else you think is important for your project!

I can set these up pretty quickly, and I don’t need a copy of your game, so this is best for projects that are on a time crunch (i.e. crowdfunding has already started and is ending soon) or that you can’t share a copy of quite yet.


I run a monthly interview on the site with a creator, leader, or generally experienced person in the TTRPGs for kids field to share their experience in more depth.

There’s two options:

  • 30 minute zoom call that I’ll transcribe into an article
  • Write in Q&A for the same questions as the call-in interview

These are best for people who want to chat about work that they’re doing outside of a publication or who have a particular type of experience that can’t be conveyed through a review or featured project article.


Playtesting fee: $40/hr (will include reading, gameplay, and report writing)

I do playtest and review material as long as I am OK with the material sent and it is something that you’re OK with me writing a review on down the road and you are OK to note a credit if the feedback was valuable to the game.

Crowdfunding Stretch Goal Writer

Cost: $0.12 – $0.24/word depending on the project

I really enjoy writing for crowdfunded projects and have been a stretch goal writer for a few already (Overisles, Dungeon Run Adventures, Tower of the Soul). These are really fun to me, and I’m open to discuss opportunities to write more.

Other Guest Writing

Cost: $0.12 – $0.24/word depending on the project

If you want to request TTRPGkids to write a guest article for your publication, do an article swap, or write on a more extensive project, please let me know as well! I’ve done a few article swaps, and I like teaming up with others.

Also, if you’d like to post your article on the TTRPGkids site, you can let me know through here as well. I will be vetting your article and need to approve the topic. Topics need to focus specifically on TTRPGs for kids (no articles about TTRPGs in general that do not focus on kids and no topics outside of TTRPGs, including about general media). Please also make sure to read the TTRPGkids articles that are already posted to make sure that your piece fits the tone for the blog, you understand the general format, and your topic isn’t already covered by another post. Article length should be similar to other TTRPGkids posts (1.5k – 2.5k words) and will need to be edited down or broken up into multiple posts if too long.

Drop a thank you!

And… support is in no way required or factored into who I contact, but the more funding I have, the more I can generally improve and support the site and more creators. If you want to drop TTRPGkids a thank you, please check out the ko-fi here! If money is a concern, commenting on a post, sharing a post, and/or recommending TTRPGkids to others is appreciated and also helps this resource grow.

This site is a resource for people wanting to play TTRPGs with kids and also a great place for creators to learn from each other and showcase their work. There’s lots of info already on the site, and, to stay up to date on the latest, subscribe to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter for info on reviews, tips and tricks, game and podcast list updates, and more so you can see where the TTRPGs for kids community is going! Thank you for creating something awesome so others can play tabletop RPGs with their kids and for sharing this amazing hobby with the next generation!

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