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TTRPGkids SXSW EDU 2023 recap

Check out the recap of my time at SXSW EDU 2023! There’s event pics, a link to the SXSW page with our panel audio, EDU TTRPG resources, and some next steps for TTRPGs based on what I’ve learned from the convention!

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Audio for our panel is on the SXSW EDU page!

All School is Roleplay: TTRPGs as Learning Tools

If you’d like to check out the audio from our panel, it’s up on the SXSW EDU page! This presentation and Q&A went over detail on how to use tabletop RPGs for educational applications and gave examples about how we have used TTRPGs and TTRPG elements in pre-K, middle school, and college level classes to help students learn more effectively. Check the SXSW page here!

My experience going to SXSW EDU as TTRPGkids!

Going to SXSW EDU 2023 was an AMAZING experience. From meeting up with the team (find their info here) to being able to present about what we were doing to meeting so many awesome people, it was a joyful adventure in all of these aspects.

For the events that we ran, our workshop was full and people were engaged in the game, laughing and planning and learning cell biology through a TTRPG! Our crowd stayed for the follow up too, and they asked some great questions. For our panel the next day, it was another big crowd with lots of other awesome questions, and attendees stayed after to chat in the hall and connect! The energy that everyone had during and after each event was validating and empowering and I am so excited for what this means next.

Meeting our full group in-person was another major highlight – I got to hang out with Michael, Maryanne, and Chris during and after the events each day, and it was great getting to know everyone better and geek out non-stop about TTRPGs!

Next steps for TTRPGkids and EDU

After seeing how excited everyone was about TTRPGs in the classroom, especially for college education, I am going to be shifting to add more educational focused features and articles on the blog.

First, I’m going to post my method for introducing RP elements in my classes and how I pitched adopting that to my university for approval. One of the biggest barriers for a motivated teacher to bring TTRPGs into the classroom is getting approval to do it, and I want to help provide some tools for that.

After that, I have a series of education-focus articles that I was planning to run next year that I’m definitely pulling ahead now, and I’m very excited about! I hope they help provide some resources now for educators who want to bring RPGs to the class ASAP!

There’s also, hopefully, some great collabs coming up from contacts made during the convention, and I’m really excited to see where they go!

Educational TTRPG Resources

These resources are the same as ones I’ve posted on the Welcome from SXSW EDU page at the start of the convention, but I wanted to post them again here so they’re easily available for anyone who is looking. I also will be adding more to the site very soon, so keep an eye out!

TTRPGs for kids and all ages

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TTRPG EDU focused interviews
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