Supporting resources for TTRPGkids webinar with Indiana State Library: Using TTRPGs to teach, from pre-K to adult learning

This post is to provide quick references to the resources mentioned during the IN State Library webinar on July 19, including additional EDU resources and links to the games shown throughout the presentation.

Thank you for checking out the webinar or stopping by to see what resources there are for educational TTRPGs! All of the games, resources, and articles mentioned in the webinar are listed below, and I hope they help you find additional materials for further research.

Video recording of the talk can be found here, and resources mentioned during the talk are listed below:

Additional resources and articles:

Games mentioned:

Color My Quest: creator site, TTRPGkids review

Inspiriles: creator site, TTRPGkids review

Arithmagine: creator site

Wither and Whence: creator site, TTRPGkids review

StoryGuider: TTRPGkids page

I hope this helped give you some resources for using in your classrooms and library programs, and, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at!

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