Featured project: Stories by Maikel Yarimizu

I’ve reviewed Princess of the Pizza Parlor, a series about a group of kids playing TTRPGs together with thier GM uncle, previously and loved the premise! Now, Michael (aka Maikel Yarimizu), is working on funding future writing projects with Princesses of the Pizza Parlor as part of the rewards!

Featured Project: The Librarian’s Apprentice Crowdfundr

I am very glad to have gotten to play and review The Librarian’s Apprentice previously, and I’m so excited to see this project going to Crowdfundr for a physical print! Please check it out below, and journey forth to see what adventure awaits you in the library!

Featured Project: The Deck of Player Safety

Safety tools are critical in TTRPGs, especially with youth who are learning where other player boundaries are and how to navigate what they themselves are feeling. To help with this, check out the Deck of Player Safety for an awesome tool that provides a clear and anonymous safety tool method for your games.