Featured Project: DanDMadeEasy class trackers

DanDMadeEasy has a Kickstarter running to early December 2023 for a set of awesome class trackers that work with dry erase markers to help with keeping track of everything for your character in one organized view!

*As a note, the intro is written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfundinand is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

Tracking abilities for our D&D characters is a key part of the adventure. Sadly, the default character sheet leaves a lot to be desired, so how can we help our kids track their characters’ abilities when we don’t want them to use devices at the table?

My D&D 5E Class Trackers let you and your kids create stylish trackers for D&D class abilities from the comfort of your home. You can print and assemble the Trackers at home with a color printer and laminator, and update them during sessions with a dry wipe marker.

DanDMadeEasy Druid Tracker filled for a level 3 Druid showing Wild Shape Uses, Spellcasting abilities, spells prepared and spell slots

Making the trackers is quick and easy, and is a fun little crafting project to share with kids ages 4 and up. You’ll first use the provided Letter or A4 files to print your Tracker at the right alignment, then cut it to the right size, laminate it, and finally cut down the edges once more. Depending on your kids’ ages and preferences, you may want to choose different parts of the process to do together, and make sure to consider safety around scissors and laminating machines.

You can fill information such as character name and spell names in the provided PDFs before printing the Trackers, or you can leave them completely reusable by printing them blank. Either way, as you can print the Trackers as many times as you want for whoever you want (so long as you don’t sell them), you can quickly prepare Trackers for the whole gaming table.

You can easily create trackers for a full gaming group (left to right, Wizard Tracker, Bard Tracker, Sorcerer Tracker)

Trackers are already available for the classes with access to spells (including the Artificer Tracker, which is free for everyone), and I’m currently running a Kickstarter project to add Trackers for the missing classes (Barbarian, Fighter, Monk and Rogue).

New Barbarian Tracker front (bottom) and back (top) – did I mention that the back of every Tracker is stylish, too?  

I fully support the TTRPGkids mission to help share the joy of roleplaying with more young adventurers, which is why I’ll be donating 10% of the project’s funding to TTRPGkids.

The project has a hefty discount on the Trackers, I’ll fulfil it before Christmas, and I’m giving free access to my Defenses and Hit Points tracker (below) to every backer. The project will be running until 2nd December, so if you’re interested in the Trackers, there’ll never be a better time to add them to your adventuring kit!

D&D 5E Defenses & Hit Points Tracker – free for Kickstarter backers

I offer all of my print at home creations, including the Class Trackers, for free for uses such as charity events and school D&D clubs. If you’re running such events and want to add some immersive player aids for your young adventurers (and maybe run some crafting classes to make them!), reach out to me on my website and find the Kickstarter here!

Until next time, happy adventuring!

Dan, DanDMadeEasy

Also, I would like to give a big thank you to DanDMadeEasy for helping to support TTRPGkids with this Kickstarter campaign by contributing 10% of the funds raised to support future TTRPGkids articles and projects!

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