Featured Project: Our Family Plays Games

Our Family Plays Games is a wonderful family who is sharing their love of gaming with the community and could use your help with their mission! Check out here for info on all of the work they’ve been doing and see how you can support!

*As a note, this article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfunding and is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

Our Family Plays Games, LLC is a family-owned business whose mission is to promote growth and awareness of the modern board game hobby.

From day one, their goal has been to bring more BIPOC’s and families into the board game hobby. They launched on social media in 2018 which helped them establish themselves in the hobby. In January of 2020, they started posting videos on YouTube and by June of 2020 were contacted by and featured on Good Morning America. Since then, they have been featured on several programs and in publications, such as – NBC News Online, Senet Magazine (UK), Ligadas.com (Brazil), a variety of YouTube programs, Podcast, local television in Omaha, NE, and most recently in May of this year, they were featured on The First Twenty a documentary series produced by All Arts in the episode titled—Social.

In addition, they make special appearances at board game conventions all around the country. 

They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help them with the expenses that it takes to run and grow a unique YouTube channel that supports underrepresented voices in the hobby. Be sure to lend your support by making a pledge!

You can find the Our Family Plays Games Kickstarter campaign here where you can get some AWESOME rewards while supporting a great cause:


And find the Our Family Plays Games website here with links to all the wonderful work they’ve been doing in the gaming community!


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