Coloring book style tabletop RPGs!

Bust out the crayons and pencils for these awesome coloring book TTRPGs for all ages!

Coloring-focused TTRPGs that I’ve featured on the site!

Color My Quest

Color My Quest is a TTRPG that entirely takes place inside of a coloring book! The map, character sheets, and even instructions are all colorable, and there’s also several supplementary coloring pages full of creatures, more characters, and baddies to go with it!


Starsworn takes players on an adventure across multiple settings, into the lives of lively NPCs, and on a quest that pushes players to develop their character in an amazing way. Throughout the story, players are given some wonderful coloring pages to illustrate their journey and give coloring breaks for players with active hands!


Skyrealms is a combo TTRPG and coloring adventure! Great for kids or grown ups, Skyrealms comes with a setting, creatures, plot lines, coloring activities, and more, all to be used with any TTRPG system!

Games by TTRPGkids

I LOVE having coloring pages for kiddo during my games, so I also try to incorporate them into the games that I make! All 30 adventures in the StoryGuider series and all entries in the Adventure Workbook have colorable pictures so kids can interact with the tale as it’s being read or played. I also made coloring part of the core mechanics for my SRD, Glyfi!

Coloring themed TTRPGs recommended by others

For other recommendations, let me know what you’d recommend to check out! There’s a lot of TTRPGs out there, and I’m looking for ones that are specifically honing in on that all-ages friendly vibe and that have coloring-focused elements (whether as part of the mechanics or that are incorporated in the book to interact with during the story). If you have a suggestion for a game to check out, let me know in the comments, fill out the form here, or email so I can take a look and add it to this section!

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