TTRPGkids spring 2024 convention/booth schedule

Check out here for where you can find TTRPGkids in spring 2024!

April 13 – Ann Arbor District Library Game Con (MI)

Come visit TTRPGkids at the AADL Game Con! I’ll have a booth where I’ll be selling games and books from myself, Dice Up Games, Lone Colossus Games, and Jaclyn Lewis! I’m also very happy to chat and am looking forward to doing my first convention at a local library.

April 21 – Therapeutic + Applied Geek + Gaming Summit (virtual)

I’ll be doing a panel/workshop with Maryanne Cullinan and Jennifer Genova on how to make TTRPGs educational and available in the classroom! Check it out on the TAGGS website here to call in from anywhere!

May 1 – Walled Lake City Farmer’s Market (MI)

I’ll be running a little outdoor booth at opening day of the Walled Lake City Famer’s Market and am excited to chat with the community and bring some activities for kids along! Last year, I was able to connect with several local librarians and teachers through the farmer’s market, and I’m looking forward to doing it again this year too!

May 17 to May 19 – Motor City Comic Con (MI)

Throughout the MCCC weekend, I’ll be sharing a booth with Catastrophe Games where we’ll be vending both their works and mine! Then, on Sunday, I’ll be running a group TTRPG in the kid’s room to get young players hyped about being part of the story being told. ALSO… MCCC has another special guest, d20Tales, who I hung out with at Dallas Fan Expo a couple years ago, and I would REALLY recommend checking them out since it’s an amazing interactive experience (their show is probably about PG or PG-13).

June 19 to June 23 – Origins Game Fair (OH)

My plans for Origins Game Fair are still to-be-announced, but I do plan on going and have some various appearances in the works. I’m looking forward to a return trip after my first time there last year, and I’m excited to tell you more about what’s going on soon!

Thank you for checking out the TTRPGkids convention schedule, and I hope to see you there! If you’ll be stopping by and want to chat, you can let me know ahead of time by emailing me at, and, if you’d like to help support TTRPGkids travel and work plans, please check out my ko-fi page here! ALSO, you can stay up to date on announcements like this one by subscribing to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter here. Thank you again, and happy gaming!

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