TTRPGkids 2023 gift and charity guide

If you’re searching for gift ideas for a TTRPG friend/family memeber (or for yourself), check out this list of awesome creators and their works ranging from dice to game tools to in-name charity donations!

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TTRPG gear, accessories, and general fun stuff!

Dice – Libris Arcana

First, we need to check out some dice! This year, I want to shine a spotlight on Libris Arcana, which has dice sets to purchase either a la carte or as a very cool monthly subscription option for the dice goblins out there. We have a four Libris Arcana sets sets, ranging from glow in the dark dice to ones that just look awesome and fit kiddo’s latest character, and I really recommend checking them out.

Mini and terrain holders – TI’TAINS

If you’re looking for something a bit different that’s also VERY useful in your games, I recommend checking out TI’TAINS. One set of TI’TAINS and a deck of cards, or even just some thick paper, goes a long way for making map terrain (plus they’re soft and squishy, so they make for good non-obtrusive fidget toys at the tablet too). You can find some ideas for how to use TI’TAINS in your games here!

Journals – DanD Made Easy

If you want to get new players into D&D or give them tools to help with character, game, and rules management, DanD Made Easy has some great journals and guides to help with just that. There’s spell tomes, character trackers, and more that make for a wonderful aid. I’ve used these to track one of my characters (review here), and they were very helpful and easy to use.

Shirts – Daddy Rolled a 1

For showing off your TTRPG flair, Daddy Rolled a 1 has some fun D&D themed shirts… that include kid sizes! We have a set for the family of the Dice and Dragons shirt that we regularly wear to events together, and they’re all good quality, the designs are fun, and they’re in sizes that work for everyone! Many places have only adult sizes or only kid sizes or the designs between the two don’t match, so it was very cool finding options that covered us all.

Home decor, crafts, and more – Works of Whimsy

Works of Whimsy is an awesome shop to check out for home decor (the displacer kitten door frame and giant D20 lamp are two of my favorites) and DIY crafts (like the doodle D20) that you can do at home and that would make for a great activity with kids. There’s dice boxes, dice towers, magnets, keychains… it’s enough options to require a bag of holding (or the Works of Whimsy book of holding)!

Crochet, dice, pins, stickers, and other sweet gear – Janatee Craftily

To close out my gift recs list, please go check out Janatee Craftily for a plethora of cute handmade TTRPG themed treasures! She’s got dice, stickers, clothes, earrings, and a lot more more that make for great gifts for any of your TTRPG friends and family.

TTRPG-related charities

Donating to a charity in someone’s name or forgoing a TTRPG group gift exchange to pitch in for a team charity donation can also be an amazing gift that gives back to the community and supports a cause that you and your friends can both get behind. Check out below for some highlighted recommendations for charitable organizations and efforts to support, and check out my TTRPG non-profits list from previous years if you’re looking for a few more options as well!

Creators Assemble

Creators Assemble is a non-profit that promotes literacy through the use of comics, graphic novels, and TTRPGs! They use these various media with students and as educational curriculum support. I’ve been working with them over the past year, and they are wonderful group of humans who are very dedicated to their mission. You can find out more in my interview with Dan, the TTRPG lead at CA, here as well!

The Bodhana Group

The Bodhana Group uses tabletop RPGs to support therapeutic practices themselves and raises awareness about the therapeutic benefits of using TTRPGs. They’ve done research, which they share, with others, and host the Save Against Fear convention every year so people can come together to learn and discuss about how they’re using TTRPGs. I’ve also interviewed Jack from Bodhana and met the team in-person, and they’re a good group that I’m happy to help support.

Bear Hug Charity Stream

Scriv the Bard and Tattered Bear are combining efforts this year to host the Bear Hug Charity Stream in December! This charity stream will support a non-profit through community support during streamed games and events close to the end of December. More details are on the way, so stay tuned and consider joining in for a fun few days of fam-friendly TTRPGs with your friends and kids while helping to support a good cause!

Purple Bog Press’s The Grandmother Tree (% dontated to charity)

Last, but certainly not least, is Purple Bog Press’s The Grandmother Tree, which, while not a charity itself, donates a portion of the proceeds from game sales to charity. It’s a fun way to get a game that’s great for playing with kids and boost another cause at the same time! I’ve played and reviewed The Grandmother Tree before here if you want to check it out a bit first, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Thank you for checking out this list of TTRPG-related gift and charity recommendations! I hope it helped you find some wonderful gift ideas for your family and friends! If you’re looking for other ideas, please also check out last year’s gift guide (which has A LOT more physical gift ideas), my list of winter holiday themed TTRPGs, and the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter!

If you have recommendations for this list or would like to see your work featured here, please submit all requests via the TTRPGkids holiday gift guide form here so I have the necessary info to review in a timely manner AND email me at that you have a late submission so I will know to check the forms.

Thank you again, and happy gaming!

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