TTRPGkids holiday gift guide!

Where to find: TTRPG and D&D holiday gift ideas (2021)!

Especially as the holiday season approaches, we want to get some cool gifts for everyone in our TTRPG groups, welcome our new adventurers, and have some fun ourselves.  I made this gift guide to help with all of these and to help boost community creators and small businesses. 

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for your kids, players, DM, and everyone in between, and that you have an awesome holiday!

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In conclusion…

TTRPG accessories


If you are willing to branch beyond D&D and into other TTRPG’s or if you prefer non-D&D games, I have a whole sortable list of games to check out.  Surprising someone with a new game to try out can be an awesome gift for you both (figuring you will probably play it together), and can often help indie creators!

I would also recommend checking out the DnD Adventure Club – they deliver a monthly kid-friendly D&D adventure, which is a great way to have a continuous gift that allows for some easy to set up games.  I reviewed the first couple books that DnD Adventure Club sends, and I would highly recommend it for anyone starting out playing TTRPG’s with kids.

DnD Adventure Club

Also, check out these afterschool online TTRPG camps for kids! They hold registration every so often, and this could be an awesome gift for a kid who is interested in D&D or learning through TTRPG’s.

Luck of Legends uses TTRPG’s to hone academic and social skills while writing their own stories!

The Academy of Adventures teaches D&D to ages 11-15 and promotes teamwork skills in parallel to gameplay!


For kids old enough to handle dice and are starting to dabble into becoming a dice goblin, these are great gifts as stocking stuffers, setting up their first set of fancy dice, or just getting them some fun weird designs and colors to match their latest character.  There are lots of dice makers out there, so I am going to narrow my shout out to Ice Cream Dice (link to twitter and shop)!  I actually have the Pint o’ Dice from there, and… just… wow that was satisfying to pour out PLUS the container is now one of my dice holders!

pint o dice

Dice Accessories

Dice towers

For those who have superstitions about rolling, maybe you want to look at a dice tower! 

There are some pretty sweet designs from ArthiarnGaming, with a ton of different themes ranging from medieval to steampunk to space – lots of options to fit lots of different campaigns.

There are also some pretty sweet looking clear ones out there so kids can watch the dice fall.

Dice jails

Following the theme about dice superstitions, a dice jail (or timeout chair) can also be pretty funny to add in.  If your players often complain about the dice being against them, having a dice jail at the table can be a lighthearted way to give them a nod.

Arthairn Gaming comes up again because they have a whole section of dice jails (or guardians for the good dice) to choose from!

I also thought the naughty dice time out chair was pretty funny and had to mention it as well.

Dice bags and holders

And for those who already have a ton of dice and are having a hard time keeping track of them all, dice bags and holders can be great (and pair very well with a new dice set in the stocking).

First off, I commissioned a “baby’s first dice bag” for a friend from Lake City Charms a while back, and it came out amazing, so I have to give them a shout out!  It was a very custom job that was pulled off fantastically.  They do other dice bags as well (the baby one was special), but here is the sensory baby toy dice bag that I had ordered:

baby's first dice bag

I also bought a set of customized dice + mini holders (like the one here) for a couple of my players a while back from Stephens Woodworks, and they were beautiful!  There’s also a lot of other dice boxes, trackers, and more – all made from wood on his site. Here are the ones that I bought:

mini and dice holder

GearGaming365 has a whole bunch of dice bags with pop culture references and the one that I own from there has served me very well:

dice bag from geeky seamstress

DiceSaction also has a ton of adorable designs!  They have so many kid-friendly fabric patterns for their dice bags ranging from foxes to chibi wizards to llamas!

Also, check out Atikin Games for lots of cute little hand-knitted dice bags that come with matching mini dice sets!  I think this could be a VERY cute stocking stuffer.

Dice trays

And we also have dice trays!  These can save your table from dents from metal dice and can pair up with dice and a dice bag for a pretty awesome gift combo. 

Games by Bee has a great selection of cute (sleepy sloths and happy sharks!) and classy (sunflowers and world map)  dice tray patterns.  There’s also a lot of designs that come with a matching dice bag too!

Healing potions

I promise this is the last one with dice… but these were too cute not to mention. They are bottles with dice inside to represent the healing potions in D&D!  Whenever you use a healing potion, you just shake the bottle or dump out the dice to roll your healing, and you’re all set!

Goodbarrel Potions comes recommended from quite a few twitter folks, and so does AuroraAthenaeum!


Minis are another great stocking stuffer that can really show you are paying attention.  Getting someone a mini of their character (and maybe also paints to go with it if they are unpainted) can mean a lot to someone.  I like giving my players minis of their characters, and it always seems to go over really well.  I imagine the same would be true for kids who are putting all their imagination into building their characters up as well.

I have a list here from one of my previous posts that focuses on kid-friendly minis to check out and help find some options that are right for your players!

Terrain and maps

If your kids are already DM’ing, it can help to provide them with some tools to set the scene for their games.  Maps or terrain pieces can help a DM feel like they are really masters of the board setting up their traps, puzzles, and encounters.

There are some cool terrain pieces in the Miniature Alley store (plus, I have a custom painted mini from there… just FYI if they are taking painting requests).

And the monthly subscriptions for digital maps from these two creators are awesome and really help if you are running sessions with friends online:

  • DungeonBaker – awesome quality and lots of cool locations AND also makes amazing dungeon alphabet art like this one!
  • Maps ‘N’ Quests – they have really big maps for big encounters – I’m subscribed here and use their maps ALL THE TIME

Notebooks and character journals

For kids old enough to write (and especially if you want them to practice writing and taking notes), a character journal or D&D themed notebook can help them remember events from session to session and enforce good tracking habits.  They can also be fun to use as notebooks in school too, if they want to show off their TTRPG swag.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mike Hibbert’s character journals from both a quality and organization standpoint, and they ship prime if you need something quickly!

Spell cards and holders

If your kids are getting into playing spell casters, either making or buying them spell cards can help them keep track of their abilities in game.  My brother (who is very organized and good at keeping track of things already) got a set of spell cards for his cleric one year, and they really helped him out.  He used them almost every session to keep track of his prepared spells and not have to keep searching through the book for spell details.  You can also combo it with a card holder so it looks like you have a cool little spell book!

DM screens

Like with terrain and maps, if your child is DM’ing or they are thinking about DM’ing, a DM screen that is all their own can really help them feel the part.  Especially for a new DM, getting your own DM screen is very encouraging and helps you feel just a little bit more confident in taking on the role.

This one, I got for my brother when he first started DM’ing – it is just a simple DM screen, but it set him up with what he needed for his first game, and he still uses it today.

There’s also some pretty sweet custom ones out there, like this one if you wanted to get a bit fancy.

TTRPG related kid-specific interests

Soft toys/stuffed animals

For kids who love collecting and cuddling soft toys (whether they are younger or older), having a stuffed animal of their favorite TTRPG creature or character would be a great addition.  I was one of those kids who loved soft toys growing up, and I would get so excited when I received one from a favorite movie.  I have to imagine, getting one from your favorite game would also be an awesome memory.

Cute Loot Adventures has some adorable stuffed animals here and here (along with lots of other cute pieces).  These stuffed animals can be great for little ones too since they don’t have any hard eyes sewn on.

And if your family listens to Critical Role, there’s a bunch of CR stuffed toys too!


For kids who are not so great with the dark, a nightlight can bring a lot of comfort and help everyone get a little more sleep.  Theming it after something they are into?  They might actually look forward to lights out and getting to use their special nightlight!  


I really loved the Works of Whimsy shop’s idea of selling unpainted versions of their D&D home decor – I think this could be a great kid-friendly painting activity that gives them a unique decoration for their room or as an ornament:


I’ve also got a section on clothes for kids 0-5, but for older kids, there are a ton of options as well! 

For youth sizes, DungeonAtlier and Paola’s pixels both have kids shirts.

DaddyRolleda1 (one of my fellow TTRPG parents from twitter) also started selling some very awesome parent/kid matching TTRPG shirts!

For older kids and teens, I think the combo of cute and/or snarky vaporwave designs from the DungeonGlitch section of GemmedFirefly would really hit home. I own a few of these for myself, and they are my favorite T-shirts (the ones that I bought are shown below). Quick heads up that they aren’t specifically geared at kids, and there is an NSFW designs section on the site if you wander about.

dungeon glitch shirts


Stickers is a category that I could definitely go down a rabbit hole with.  From D&D related stickers that kids want to decorate phones, laptops, and notebooks with to stickers that you use in-game (see my article!!), they are a great stocking stuffer that lets your kids customize everything!  Here’s some suggestions to get you started!

And, last but certainly not least on the stickers list,  I was recommended to check out Pineberry Paper by LuckLegends on twitter.  Although they are not specifically D&D related, there is a wide variety to choose from so you can match some cute high quality stickers to whatever your TTRPG scenario is and use them as trackers and rewards

School gear

There is also themed school gear!  It maybe isn’t exactly D&D, but, if your kid is into dragons, knights, and so on, getting them a fun new backpack or lunch box to match lets them show off a bit at school!

Room decor

Giving your kids the option to decorate their room with some of their TTRPG personality can help them feel like the space is their own.  I have a section on baby room decor, but for older kids or just around the house, I really liked the Works of Whimsy selection (etsy store link!), especially the door corners (the displacer kitten one is my favorite)!

Fashion accessories

If your kid is into accessorizing, there’s lots of scarves, pins, hair ties, headbands, and more that come with D&D patterns or a dice theme.

My first shoutout is to TheDaiseyDragon.  They make beautiful scarves bedazzled with D&D related gear (charms, dice, etc).  When they post a new creation, it goes fast, so keep an eye out!

Cute Loot comes up again with their cute D&D pins section – these are great for clipping on shirts or backpacks!

And then there’s a bunch of hair accessories! (small sample below)

Bath time

For young kids, having soap in the shape of a dragon can be a lot of fun at bathtime, and then for older kids, soap or bath bombs with dice hidden inside can be a cool prize to uncover! 

Dragon soaps:

Dice surprises inside:

Kids 0-5

If a new adventurer is in the mix, you have a party member or DM with a new little one, or you just want to quietly start instilling TTRPG nerdom in everyone on your gift list, there are a lot of TTRPG/D&D tangentially related gift options for babies and really young kids.

TTRPG Onesies:

TTRPG Shirts:

TTRPG bibs:

TTRPG rattles and soft toys:

TTRPG baby blankets and bedding sets:

TTRPG baby room decor:

Holiday TTRPG flair

Advent (and other) dice/mini calendars

I love the idea of a daily dice or mini surprise throughout the holiday season (or any season) to look forward to each day!  These dice and mini calendars can be fun for any age, but particularly for kids who are into TTRPG’s. 

Dice advent calendars:

Cryptid dice calendars (for any time!)

Calendars filled with minis!


Adding some TTRPG flair to the tree or house can be a great way to show off some of your style and give something with special meaning for your kids to decorate with.  There are so many fun ornaments out there, so here are just a few to get you started:

Personalized ornaments

Plastic/resin ornaments:

Wooden ornaments:


You can also add some unique stockings to your decorations!  Whether you have a new adventurer you are getting a stocking for or just want to change things up, these can be yet another decoration to theme (especially if you plan on filling them with minis, dice, etc. from this list).


Charity donations

If your family typically does a donation around the holidays or you want to teach young kids about helping others, there are actually a few TTRPG/D&D related charities that you could donate to:

ExtraLife is an organization that raises money for children’s hospitals through donations collected from streaming games (video games, TTRPGs, etc).  I’ve actually played in one of these, and it was very rewarding to have donations coming in as we were battling monsters.  You could let your kids donate during a game you are watching (I follow on their twitter to see when games are running) or try setting up your own.

Game to Grow uses games for therapeutic purposes and sets up training for people to use games to benefit their communities effectively.  They advocate for using games to help people in need and have made their own TTRPG that focuses on building specific social and emotional skills.

If your family is into Critical Role, there is also the Critical Role Foundation!  It is the Critical Role team’s charity organization, and they raise money to help several different causes.  The fundraising campaign changes from time to time (check their site for latest), but I’ve definitely seen a trend towards supporting education and children’s needs.  You can support either by a straight donation or by purchasing some of their merch (which would also be a nice gift to give someone).


Aside from getting D&D supplement books (which, don’t get me wrong, getting WotC books is amazing… just got some additional suggestions), you could also get some fun books about getting into the game, game strategy, etc. There are so many out there, but here are two that I’ve read recently and would recommend checking out:

  • Roll Dice, Build Character (TTRPGkids review is here!)- goes over a father’s experience growing up with TTRPG’s and sharing with his kids along with all the thought he put into that decision. There’s also some cool TTRPG history involved and great excerpts from his kids’ games.
  • Whispers of the Voidbringer – follows the story of three siblings questing through a magical TTRPG campaign! See them play their characters through fights, RP, and more as a great example of a D&D game played with kids!
Whisper of the voidbringer
  • The Monsters Know What They’re Doing – this covers SO MUCH STRATEGY and throws in a bit of snark every so often to make it even more interesting. It’s really been helping me make better encounters and could be a good read for new DMs who are OK with taking on a chunky book.

In conclusion…

Thank you for reading all the way to the end (or skipping here out of curiosity). I hope this article helped you find some awesome gifts for your family, your party members, or yourself! However, more importantly, I hope you have a good close to the year and enjoy your time with all these people you are shopping for in addition to enjoying the gifts. Thank you for playing TTRPG’s with your loved ones or supporting your loved ones in their hobbies, and thank you for checking out TTRPGkids! Happy Holidays!

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