Review of DanD Made Easy, D&D 5e Trackers and Tools

DanD Made Easy has tons of trackers that help all players, but are especially helpful for introducing new players to the game!  I’ve been chatting with Dan, the creator of DanD Made Easy, who provides his trackers and resources to youth TTRPG groups, and I wanted to showcase some of his work that that has helped me in my own games!

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What is DanD Made Easy

DanD Made Easy is a website that has tons of helpful trackers, reference cards, journals, and other resources to support D&D 5e games.  

There’s free resources including 1-pager reference cards to help players remember combat and skill check choices, a set of questionnaires for getting player feedback, and a sample mini-journal (which I found very helpful when playing my Artificer in a campaign over the summer).  

DandD Made Easy also has bigger journals and trackers for each class, spell tomes, and more that reduce the amount of time spent looking up information mid-game, help organize player materials, and add some awesome flair to the table.

Who would DanD Made Easy be great for?

DanD Made Easy is a wonderful addition to any D&D 5e game, whether played by adults or kids.  The materials on the site are made specifically for D&D 5e games, so they do match that particular system.  These booklets and guides can be particularly helpful for onboarding new players by condensing the material from the 300+ page Player’s Manual book to about 5-20 pages of general and character specific info (depending on the class you play) before the game starts for an individual player.

Dan from DanD Made Easy provides copies of his resources to youth TTRPG groups, and these tools have been helping kids to learn the game and be able to participate with less facilitator assistance.

Awesome features and uses for DanD Made Easy 

Artificer mini-journal contents

I personally used the Artificer mini-journal while playing in a D&D 5e mini-campaign over the summer, and it helped quite a bit with being able to physically track everything going on with my character.  

The mini-journal has side-by-side pages showing stats and prepared spells for easy reference during combat, and it also summarized notes for all the artificer abilities, basics on leveling up, space to track items (which is critical for artificers using infusions), and blank pages for notes and writing down your abilities. 

It was easily printable with instructions on how to assemble it into a booklet and had plenty of space for writing and rewriting HP, spells, etc on the tracking pages. 

The Artificer class isn’t included in all the free base versions for online tracking tools, and you might not always want players, especially youth, having screens out during the game, so this gives a great alternative and keeps the game screen-free.

Print and laminate options

All materials on DanD Made Easy are printable with space to allow binding at home, so, if you get the package of materials to use for your games, you can print them for your whole table and for future games as well. 

They’re also made with enough space to use dry erase markers, so, if you laminate the pages, you can use markers to write in your health and replace spells without needing to worry about pencil eraser wear on the pages.  Many tracker sheets that I’ve found don’t provide the footprint required for chunky markers to be able to do this, so it’s a fairly unique feature to these trackers.

My overall thoughts on DanD Made Easy

I really liked the trackers that Dan’s made on DanD Made Easy and am very happy to see how they’re helping with youth groups to make the game a bit more accessible.  The journal that I used helped me to track a complicated character with lots of items and was a good screen-free option to integrate into my game.  These resources are a great addition to any D&D 5e game, and I hope they help in your game too! 

Where to find DanD Made Easy

You can find the DanD Made Easy website here!

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