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Where to find: tabletop RPG (and D&D) related charities!

This list of tabletop RPG (and D&D) related charities is here to help you find both some awesome resources and some great projects and causes to support when you can!

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My goal with this tabletop RPG charity list:

Donating money, time, or materials to benefit others

When you are able to donate, these charities are great places to consider, especially if you are passionate about both tabletop RPGs and the cause that benefits (education, inclusivity, health, etc). A donation of money or time makes a big difference in the lives of others and can create a bigger impact as you combine your efforts with others through a charity.

Several charities also provide books and game materials to players as part of their mission, so donating your own materials from a recent publication you have made or a book you have bought can be another way to help support both one of these organizations and either a creator you want to support or your own work at the same time.

Charities as an alternative gift or as a group gift

A nice alternative gift that you can “buy” for someone is a donation to a charity in their name or in the name of a group.  

A nice alternative gift that you can “buy” for someone is a donation to a charity in their name or in the name of a group.

As an individual gift, you would pick a charity that you think that person would like and then make a donation in their name (or even their tabletop RPG character’s name).

You could also go in as a group with your tabletop RPG players, agreeing to forgo gifts around a holiday to instead have each player put $10 towards a single donation in the name of your adventuring party. 

Several organizations also run or support live streams for charity, which can be a great opportunity for your tabletop RPG group to get involved with OR you could gift someone money to donate during a charity stream they are looking forward to so they can participate in the game (often, donations during a game let you affect rolls or events).

Utilizing charities as a resource

Several of these charities provide a resource to individuals who would benefit from a support group, individuals who have a disability, teachers who need classroom resources, students who need educational assistance, and more. If you are in need of some help or are looking for an organization that may be able to support a cause you are passionate about, this list can help you find them.

Recommendations and corrections to this list of tabletop RPG related charities

If you have recommendations for additional charities to research and add or if you see a correction is needed, please contact me through the site’s contact form. I am happy to make updates and want all my information to be correct.

The list of tabletop RPG related charities!

For smaller screens: Make sure to scroll right to get all the information on these kid-friendly tabletop RPG podcasts !
Charity name and websiteCharity goalsTTRPGkids articles
Creators AssemblePromoting literacy through comics and education through gaminginterview
Bodhana GroupUsing tabletop games for therapeutic and clinical practicesinterview
Game to GrowUses tabletop RPGs for therapeutic, educational, and community growthinterview
Critical Core review
Jasper's Game DayRaising funds via tabletop RPGs for suicide prevention and awareness
Extra LifeSupporting children's hospitals through various gaming mediums
LET'S QUESTNon-profit supporting afterschool tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) programs
Alexandria RPGProviding a lending library of tabletop RPGs for those in need
Critical Role FoundationSupporting various charities as friends of the Critical Role AP stream
Tabletop GaymersPromoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by championing the visibility and recognition of the LGBTQIA+ community through tabletop gaming
Tabletop AllianceSending FREE game kits to educators, librarians, and community leaders to use with kids
DOTS RPG ProjectMaking tabletop RPGs more accessibility friendly
Roll for GoodSupports other charities through their tabletop RPG streams and resources
RPG ResearchCreating a free and open source research base for tabletop RPGs
various charity bundlescheck on sites like for various charity bundles of TTRPGs that support different causes

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