Review of Holiday Respite, a TTRPG for reflecting on the adventure’s you’ve already had

I got to try out Holiday Respite as part of the Bear Hugs 2023 charity stream and had a GREAT time playing it with the creator herself!  Check out my review here to see how its look-back storytelling helps with reflection and makes for a great holiday game for all ages.

Bundle Alert! Artisanal Winter Holiday TTRPG bundle has 19 all ages friendly games

Spring Owl is hosting a 64 game bundle that’s focused on winter holidays! It includes several kid-friendly TTRPGs, which I’ve highlighted here – check it out, and I hope it helps you build your game library!
I Went to the North Pole Once cover image

Review of I Went to the North Pole Once, a tabletop RPG about creating a holiday adventure!

I Went to the North Pole Once is a rules-lite prompt based roleplaying game that’s all about making up a story about a trip to the North Pole!  Roll for random prompts that you use to create your winter wonderland story!