TTRPGkids holiday gift guide submissions

Every year, TTRPGkids features creators, charities, and games for the holidays so families and friends can find cool TTRPG gifts for their kids and so people can donate to a charity that will help youth through TTRPGs.

If you make cool kid-friendly TTRPG gear or have a charity recommendation for me to check out, please fill out the form here to include it in the TTRPGkids 2023 gift guide!

I am also accepting submissions for holiday themed TTRPGs and adventures this year to both add to the existing holiday games list on the site and to include in the 2023 gift guide.

Please fill out the form by Sept 30 so I have time to review all the submissions. If you send in a request after Sept 30, please email me at to let me know you have a late submission and so I will check the form again.

Find the form here, and please consider following TTRPGkids on social media (this helps me to both research your work and be able to accurately tag you when I post the list) or signing up for the newsletter so you can also stay up to date on the latest from TTRPGkids and future opportunities.

And… TTRPGkids is a free resource aimed at helping kids, families, teachers, and creators. Support is in no way required or factored into who I include on the final list, but the site does have costs to keep running, and it takes time to put all this together, so a little help with funding goes a long way in helping this have more reach. If you want to drop TTRPGkids a small thank you, please check out the ko-fi here, and, if money is a concern, commenting on a article, sharing a post, and/or recommending TTRPGkids to others is appreciated and also helps this resource grow. Thank you for checking out this page and TTRPGkids, and happy gaming!

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