Resources for TTRPGkids Origins Game Fair events!

TTRPGkids is at Origins Game Fair from June 23 – June 25! Join TTRPGkids and several AMAZING guests for talks and games throughout the weekend!

Additional resources for each panel are listed above the relevant graphic below and include speaker info, discussion articles, and game features relevant to the event and panelists.

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TTRPGkids organized panels and workshop during Origins Game Fair

Workshop: Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid (Sat, June 24 @11:00am)

I’m running a workshop to walk you through how to make a tabletop RPG that fits your kid’s wants and needs in 1 hour on a fillable worksheet!

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Making a Tabletop RPG for Your Particular Kid
6/24 @ 11:00 at Origins Game Fair

Panel: Publishing in Geek Spaces: Games, Books, and More (Sat, June 24 @ 3:30pm)

Join a group of experienced self-publishers to talk about how you can use our tips and tricks to self-publish your own games, books, films, and more.

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Publishing in Geek Spaces: Games, Books, and More
6/24 @ 3:30

Panel: Games and Education: Making Learning Fun (Sun, June 25 @ 11:00am)

Chat with educators who use TTRPGs to teach so you can see how to use TTRPGs for your own kids and classes.

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Games and Education, Making learning fun
6/25 @ 11:00

Panel: The Therapeutic Benefits of Tabletop RPGs (Sun, June 25 @ 1:30pm)

Learn from experienced psycologists, therapists, teachers, and gamers about how TTRPGs can provide therapuetic benefits to players.

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

All ages friendly games and events by TTRPGkids at Origins Game Fair

Try it early: Pendragon’s Primer (Fri, June 23 @ 10:30am AND 1:00pm)

Check out the game before it starts crowdfunding! TTRPGkids is two advanced games of Pendragon’s Primer so you can try it out before anyone else!

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Familiar Finders story and journaling (Sat, June 24 @ 9:30am)

On behalf of Dice Up Games, I’m facilitating a read-along and journaling activity in the Origins Family Room!

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Find Familiar finders here:

StoryGuider (Sat, June 24 @ 1:30pm)

I’m running a session of StoryGuider, a TTRPG for pre-K kids at Origins! Adventure with Sandy the Dragon or with Will the Wizard (in training) in a quest made just for young ones!

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

How to sign up for Origins Game Fair and TTRPGkids events

To sign up for Origins Game Fair, there is a link from the Origins homepage that takes you to where you can sign up for badges here.

Once signed up for a badge, go to attend –> events schedule –> type TTRPGkids in the search bar OR click this link with it already searched.

Click “GET” on the one that you want.

From there, make sure to get your tickets booked, add them to your cart, and check out (even though it should be $0) or it won’t register you.

Supporting TTRPGkids efforts at Origins Game Fair

I’m doing this to help give people the opportunity to learn more about TTRPGs for kids and how to apply them in a way that’s effective and helpful. The same goes for this site – they’re free resources for partents, teachers, caregivers, facilitators, and everyone in between who wants to run TTRPGkids with their kids.

If you’d like to help support TTRPGkids efforts here, the best things you can do to help support this event are to:

  • sign up for panels and games
  • spread the word and invite friends
  • post about the events (before or after)

Aside from this, if you are able to help support the cost for this event, please check out the TTRPGkids Crowdfundr page here which does include a goal to cover travel and lodging to get here along with other site expenses.

I appreciate your support in any of these ways, and thank you!

Thank you and see you at Origins!

Thank you for checking out TTRPGkids during Origins Game Fair, and send me a message on social media or at if you’re there in person! If you liked this post and want to keep up to date on future updates and events, make sure to subscribe to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter and check out some of my reviewstips and tricksgame and podcast lists, and more . Thank you for playing tabletop RPGs with your kids and for sharing this awesome hobby with the next generation!

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