The TTRPGkids Crowdfundr is live! Check it out and help support the site!

The TTRPGkids Crowdfundr is now live! See here for details on how you can help support TTRPGkids while picking up some awesome rewards, including games, shoutouts, and creator perks! Thank you for your support, and… happy gaming!

You can find the TTRPGkids Crowdfundr page here! Please support if you can, and, if you can’t support the campaign financially, please help share (there’s a nifty sharebar on the Crowdfundr page) so others can find the campaign and it can be a success!

Welcome to TTRPGkids!

TTRPGkids is a resource for parents, teachers, caregivers, creators, and everyone in between who are looking for tabletop RPGs that are accessible to kids!

TTRPGkids offers free resources and support

For the past 2 years, TTRPGkids has provided tips and tricks articles for facilitators and game runners, advice for teachers using TTRPGs in the classroom, game reviews so parents and caregivers can see what they’re about before trying them with their kids, informative talks and panels at conventions to connect off the web, and boosts for indie creators who are trying to get their work out into the world.

All of this is avialable for free. 

Free to parents and caregivers. 

Free to teachers.

Free to creators.

But… TTRPGkids has not been free to run

However, I do incur costs in the form of site fees, travel, and time spent creating and curating the over 250 articles currently posted on the site.

I don’t get paid for this, and I’ve been covering costs myself.  It’s not really a sustainable model for the rate things are growing and the increased need for the community, and I really want to do more with this too since it is helping people.

To maintain and grow these efforts, I’m asking for your support in keeping TTRPGkids rolling.

Let’s keep TTRPGkids rolling (and growing)!

The goal for this Crowdfundr is to cover basic costs for TTRPGkids so it can be sustainable, fund convention expenses so I can grow TTRPGkids beyond social media, and support physical prints for one of the games to facilitate long term income.

Your contribution helps grow the expanding community of youth-focused TTRPG creators and gets more TTRPG resources out there for kids, schools, and families.  Your support is much appreciated, I hope you enjoy the rewards below, and… happy gaming!

Rewards for supporting the TTRPGkids Crowdfundr!

I’m not asking you to support for nothing! There’s some awesome rewards for joining in, ranging from games to shout outs to some support rewards for creators!

Treasure Seekers can grab a TTRPGkids digital game or a pre-order for my first physical game print! 

Inspiring Friends who make a $5+ donation without a reward get a special thank you on the TTRPGkids site, plus, I’ll put their donation towards funding community copies of my games!

Collaborative Creators who are looking to get their games to conventions but can’t travel can nab an advertising spot at the 2023 TTRPGkids booths!

Monthly Mages who support 1 month worth of site fees get a special thank you on the TTRPGkids site AND a shout out on social media during the 2024 month that they supported!

Generous Dragons who make a donation covering the industry standard rate for a game review article or resource post ($200) get a VERY special shoutout on the TTRPGkids site, featuring a picture of them or their work (subject to review) AND a shout out on social media thanking them for their support!

Funding goals for the TTRPGkids Crowdfundr

This campaign is a keep-it-all campaign, which means TTRPGkids will keep as much as is earned in order to cover as many of the below costs as possible.  

Zine print resources to help create sustainable game sales:

  • FUNDED! $295 to cover a block of 10 ISBNs
  • FUNDED! $225 for remaining funding to print Bakers, Charge!

Site maintenance:

  • FUNDED! $310 for 2024 base maintenance fees (due Jan 2024)

TTRPGkids growth and sharing beyond social media:

  • FUNDED! $650 for booth supplies (banner, table cover, display stands, printing, buttons, business cards, etc)
  • FUNDED! $40 for farmer’s market booth fees
  • FUNDED! $400 for convention booth fees for Grand Con
  • FUNDED! $115 for convention booth fees for U-CON (pending + updated from $200 -> $115 when booth costs were announced)
  • FUNDED! $360 for travel/lodging for Origins Game Fair
  • FUNDED! $300 for travel/lodging for Grand Con
  • FUNDED! $700 to reimburse travel/lodging for SXSW
  • FUNDED! $300 for travel to GenCon


Stretch goals: Any extra funds will support future zine prints, site functionality increases, going to additional conventions, and giving options to make my own TTRPGkids merchandise: 

STRETCH GOAL #1 BONUS ACTIVE: Community copy fund matching

TTRPGkids will match ALL contributions to stretch goals to add to the TTRPGkids community copy fund (even if you’re getting the community copy fund tier).  Community copies will be added after the campaign closes.

  • IN PROGRESS – $100 to print additional copies of Bakers, Charge!
  • $120 for improved site spam blocker
  • $300 for scheduling tools to help with site management

#2 Unlocks 10 additional physical copies of Bakers, Charge! donated to local libraries

  • $300 for Cricut Explore for making more for the TTRPGkids booths
  • $300 for color pinter and printing supplies for printing fliers and materials at home

#3 Unlocks double community copy fund matching: TTRPGkids will double match ALL contributions made after this point to add to the TTRPGkids community copy fund (even if you’re getting the community copy fund tier). Community copies will be added after the campaign closes.

  • Additional funding support future zine prints, art for future games, and inintial funding for additional conventions and events

About Steph, creator of TTRPGkids

Hello!  I’m Steph, the creator and writer for the TTRPGkids blog, and I started this endeavor while in COVID lockdown with my, then two year old, kid after a shake up in my engineering career. It began as a fun project with my family and grew into supporting the youth and all-ages focused TTRPG community.  In addition to running TTRPGkids, I’m a parent, engineering, professor, and all around nerd!

And thank you for checking out TTRPGkids!

Thank you for your support of TTRPGkids and youth-focused gaming!  Your contribution helps to keep this resource rolling so I can share my XP and support the work of other creators who need an afordable way to support their indie games. 

You can find the Crowdfundr campaign here.

And please feel free to use the resources on this site anytime, check out cool projects from other creators, and drop me a message if there’s something new you’d like to see on the site! Sign up for the TTRPGkids newsletter to stay up to date, and… happy gaming!

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