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About Steph C from TTRPGkids

I thought it would be helpful for you to get a little bit of an idea of who I am and why I started TTRPGkids! This is just a short intro about my TTRPG experience, and I hope it helps you get to know me better!
Hello from Steph C of TTRPGkids!


I am Steph C, and I run the TTRPGkids site!

I am a parent to an awesome little kid (who is my test subject for a lot of the TTRPG’s that I review), I am an engineering professor who loves teaching project-based classes, and I generally just love playing D&D and other TTRPG’s with my friends in what spare time I have.

My first TTRPG was a one-shot run by a family friend (it was AMAZING), but with it being a one shot… we didn’t keep going.  Then, my brother got me hooked on Critical Role and I decided – if no one else would run a game, I should!  It ended up being a great way to connect (and reconnect) with my friends, and was the most amazing creative outlet I could have ever hoped for.  Once my kid was just old enough to start answering questions, I also pulled him into RPG’s using story games, and it has been an amazing family experience.

Now, how did I get from that to running this site? 

I started TTRPGkids because as I got more into TTRPG’s with my kid: 

  1. I saw a mix of parents and teachers both asking questions/seeming confused or giving advice/touting the benefits about starting TTRPG’s with kids
  2. I saw a lot of creators with cool games for kids and a lot of parents saying they had a hard time finding TTRPG’s for their kids
  3. I had left my engineering job and needed a project to keep some “me space” between my part-time stay-at-home parent stuff

So, there was a ton of information around, but people couldn’t always find it, and I was an antsy engineer who liked organizing things.  Thus, TTRPGkids was created as a one-stop shop for me to help find and share knowledge, games, and resources to help parents and teachers introduce their kids to TTRPG’s.  It is another creative outlet (just like D&D) that I hope to share with all of you as we learn to introduce this awesome hobby to our kids.

I want to help you find tools and games to kick off this journey with your family, your class, the kids you babysit, etc and help YOU feel more comfortable taking the leap into kid’s TTRPG’s.  I hope this site can be a helpful guide, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Thank you, 

Steph C

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