Steph from TTRPGkids – virtual resume

I, Steph (they/them), am interested in working on other projects as a writer (for both games and articles), consultant for youth-focused and/or educational TTRPGs, event speaker, project manager, and/or playtester. I also provide consultation services for TTRPG creation and crowdfunding campaigns.

Each section has a summary of my experiences, and I have a more personal “about” page here as well.

Please contact me if you have questions, would like more detail, or want to work together!

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TTRPGkids experience

I am the only person running the ENnie award winning TTRPGkids resource, which includes experience with:

  • Playing and writing reviews on ~100 kid-focused TTRPGs and TTRPG related books
  • Posting and managing over 400 articles related to TTRPGs for kids including:
    • Indie project reviews and features
    • Original resource articles for families
    • Educational materials for teachers
    • Creator resources and support
  • Social media management across 8 platforms
  • Schedule coordination for article requests, content pacing, and creator features
  • Vetting requests for projects featured on the site
  • Successfully running a resource support Crowdfundr campaign for the website

Game and article writing (outside TTRPGkids website)

I have experience writing my own games, as a guest writer on multiple projects, and as a guest writer for other websites. This experience includes:

  • Publishing over 50 of my own kid-friendly TTRPG titles with highlights including:
    • 30 week pre-K social emotional TTRPG curriculum
    • Numerous game jam entries
    • Publication of my own SRD
    • Bakers, Charge!, a baking competition TTRPG
  • Guest writing on the following projects:
    • Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures by Dice Up Games
    • Wyrmlings by Lone Colossus Games
    • Tower of the Soul by Awfully Queer Heroes
    • Overisles by Hatchling Games
    • Cryptid Creeks by Hatchling Games (in progress)
    • Pendragons Primer by Hatchling Games (in progress)
  • Guest writing for other websites:
    • Luck of Legends
    • Shadomain
    • Daddy Rolled a 1

Speaking experiences and coordination

I regularly guest on podcasts and streams, and I also host, present, and coordinate virtual and in-person talks and workshops for organizations and conventions. I have my own segement on Ludology podcast and am a professor as my day job, regularly presenting in class.

  • Hosting the TTRPGkids show on Ludology podcast
  • Co-hosting This Week in Children’s RPGs with Family Fantasy RPG
  • Guest of Honor at ConFusion 2024
  • 2023 speaking events at conventions:
    • SXSW EDU (2 events)
    • Gary Con Ethereal (5 events, coordinated 10 speakers)
    • Motor City Comic Con (1 event)
    • Origins Game Fair (4 events, coordinated 7 speakers)
    • GenCon Online (1 event)
  • Guest spots on 15 podcasts, streams, and webinars
  • Adjunct Professor of Engineering at Lawrence Technological University

Playtesting credits

I have playtested both long-form campaigns (with adult groups) and short indie creators games for kids, giving feedback to improve projects before final publication.

  • Long-form campaign playtesting for Awfully Queer Heroes:
    • Tower of the Soul
    • Adventures in ADHD (Crit Award winning module)
    • Rescue Rainbow City
  • Kid-friendly games playtest credits:
    • Little But Fierce by DC Bradshaw
    • Lil Gremlins by Open Story Games
    • The Library Game by Open Story Games
    • Overgrown by Ben Newbon
    • Gangs Jr by Koala Bear Swamp

Other relevant experience

In addition to the above, I am also the project manager and social media lead for Tattered Bear, along with being one of the co-founders, and am a Crowdfundr event partner, helping to boost other creators who are running TTRPG projects on the platform.

  • Tattered Bear Independant Publishing House and Creator Support
    • Project manager for team coordination
    • Social media lead and organizer
    • Providing client consultation on multiple Crowdfunding campaigns
    • Coordinating social media services for clients
  • Crowdfundr event partner for Kids and Young Adults Content Creators Spotlight
    • Recruiting event participants
    • Providing initial consulation to creators
    • Coordinating with Crowdfundr team to support through TTRPGkids articles

Other fun experience

Outside of the TTRPG space, I also have some fun or interesting XP that helps me to bring a unique view to projects and has influenced themes in a lot of my work (leaning towards tech, education, and picking apart game mechanics).

  • BSME, MSME – Lawrence Technological University
  • (previous) Interned at NASA Glenn Research Center modeling supersonic jet inlets
  • (previous) Body design engineer, airbag design engineer, and crash test engineer at Nissan
  • (current) Adjunct Professor of Engineer at Lawrence Technological University

If you would like details on any of the above experience or would like to work together, please let me know by emailig! Thank you for checking out my XP page, and I look forward to hearing about what kind of collaborations you have in mind!

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