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6 cute tabletop RPGs about pets, animal friends, and caretaking!

This list of tabletop RPGs focuses on games that are all about pets, animal friends, and taking care of magical creatures!

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Helping you find some cute animal and creature buddy games

I made this list to help you find games about taking care of others and celebrating the pets in our lives! These games all focus in some way on pets or helping magical creatures, whether they be a little forest creature or a cuddly eldritch abomination. There’s even one where you play as a pet trying to help their magical human buddy! These games are great for either a relaxing and fun time and maybe doing a little journaling or for teaching kids about empathy.

I’m hoping this help parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone else wanting to run a cute animal or creature focused adventure a list of fun games that fits your needs. I did my best to sort through the games here and give a little bit of a description so you can have an easier time reviewing and picking some options that will work for your particular players without having to search around. I also know that everyone is different, so please review any games for yourself and your particular players before jumping in. 

Suggestions for adding to this pet, animal friends, and caretaker tabletop RPG list

If you have a recommendation for a game to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids contact form so I can consider adding it to this list or my big game list!  I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more games, so stay tuned! For recommendations, I’m looking for journaling or dice based games about pets and taking care of animals that are geared at kids or are intended for all-ages as they are currently published.

List of tabletop RPGs about pets, animal friends, and caretaking!

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GamePremiseFind a copyTTRPGkids featuresPrimary mechanic
Eldritch PetsTake care of your very own eldritch abomination pet!itchioreviewjournaling
Monster Adoption CenterHelp creatures at the Monster Adoption Center to find a good homeitchiofeatured project1d6
GDECRaise and protect dragon eggs until they hatch and find their way into the worlditchioreviewjournaling, deck of cards
Precious Little AnimalsSee the good things in your life and share them with your animal frienditchio
Magical PetsPlay as the pets of teachers and students at a magic school and go help them out!itchio1d6
Monster Care SquadFind an heal injured creatures as part of the Monster Care Squaditchio2d6
Tea PetsRaise and care for tea pets as part of the Teatime Adventures setBackerkitfeatured project
All Bark, No BitePlay as a stray dog out on adventure!itchiod6 system
CATSPlay as a cat trying to take over the house or neighborhood!itchiod6 system

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