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Where to find: tabletop RPG and D&D inspired books for kids, families, and classrooms!

This list of books was made to help you find some TTRPG and D&D books and stories for the whole family that aren’t adventures to be played, but are adventures to be read so you can foster reading skills and connect with TTRPG’s in a whole new way!

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My goal with this list:

My goal is to help you find books to read with your family or for kids to read on their own! These books talk about table top games, use table top game themes, or show how they are played within the adventure versus being adventure books to be played out.

These are important because showing kids that reading can be fun and connect with their interests (like table top games!) is a great way to open the path for practicing reading skills and easing some anxieties over school reading assignments.

It can also work the other way – if your kids are already into reading, this can be a great introduction to table top games for them! They can see how games are played before actually playing them, and for those who learn by experience, that can make jumping into your first game way less intimidating.

My hope is that you can use these books to cross that interest between TTRPG’s and reading with your kids, learn more about gaming, and enjoy reading together!

Content judgement:

This list only has books that are advertised as family-friendly in their descriptions or that I have read and get a family-oriented vibe from. That said, everyone has a different interpretation of what is appropriate for their family, so I encourage you to use your judgement as well.

I will flag or remove books from the list if I become aware that they have any widely inappropriate content.

Recommendations and corrections:

If you have recommendations for additional books to add or if you see a correction is needed, please contact me through the site’s contact form. I am happy to make updates and want all my information to be correct.

The book list!

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For running your own games with your kids, check out my kid/teen-friendly games list, tips and tricks, reviews, and more! I hope this all helps you enjoy an awesome hobby together.

Name of book/series and linkTarget audienceDescriptionTTRPGkids articles
My Dad the Game Masterall agesA picture book about all the fun and quirky things that happen when you have a TTRPG dad!review
Finding Familiarsall agesA picture book about finding a witch's familiar! Also has a companion field journal for RP!review
Complete the Questall agesA search and find, choose your path, RPG adventure with TONS of freedom and optionsreview
Roll for Initiativemiddle schoolA heartfelt coming-of-age middle grade novel about finding your voice and believing in your best geeky selfreview
Dungeon Crittersmiddle schoolA graphic novel about a bunch of adorable critters out on a dungeon crawl adventure!review
Princesses of the Pizza Parlor Seriesmiddle school - early high schoolFollow the story of a groups of tween girls and their uncle (the game master) as they learn to play TTRPG's together and navigate some tween drama!review
Whispers of the Voidbringer seriesmiddle schoolRead the adventures of a group of siblings who are playing a TTRPG together and learning both the game and how to cooperate while on an epic quest!review
Roll Dice, Build CharactercaregiversFor adults considering getting kids into TTRPG's, this book outlines the benefits and history of TTRPG's along with tips and examples for running games with kids!review
Questlings (So You Want to Be a...." seriesall agesRead along with adventure books for each class aside the awesome Questlings game!review
Sunny Rolls the Dicemiddle schoolA graphic novel about a middle schools who is totally cool with playing D&D and finding her groove with the other kids at school.
ABC's of D&D
123's of D&D
young childrenThese fun books for little ones teach ABC's and 123's using some familiar characters and elements of D&D
Dungeons and Dragons: Dungeon Academy seriesmiddle schoolA fun story of a group of misfits who have banded together for an epic quest!

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