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Where to find: Awesome family-friendly tabletop RPG and D&D podcasts!

This sortable list of family-friendly tabletop RPG and D&D podcasts was made to help you find a podcast that you can listen to with your kids or teens without worrying so much about content! These are a great way to bond over a hobby, have some screen-free fun, or learn about your favorite TTRPG’s!


The purpose of TTRPGkids is to help you bring quality tabletop RPGs (from indie games to D&D) to your kids!

Discover other cool ways to bring TTRPGs to your kids!

My goal with this family-friendly TTRPG podcast list:

My goal is to help you find a tabletop RPG or D&D podcast that you can listen to with your family!

I enjoy listening to podcasts with my son since it helps him with language development, and it also helps me to keep my mind busy. I can have one of these playing while doing chores and not worry about if he overhears from the other room while coloring. It did however take me some time to find a lot of these or realize that there were family-friendly TTRPG podcasts out there, so I am hoping that this helps you to jump right in!

Combat and content judgements in tabletop RPG podcasts:

This list only has podcasts that are billed as family-friendly in their descriptions or that I have listened to and get a family-oriented vibe from. That said, everyone has a different interpretation of what is appropriate for their family, especially when it comes to tabletop RPG content, so I encourage you to use your judgement as well.

Most, if not all, of these podcasts do have some level of combat or fighting, so please know that going in. However, I will flag a podcast or remove it from the list if I am aware that it has become overly violent, or includes mature content and does not provide appropriate trigger warnings.

Recommendations and corrections to the podcast list:

If you have recommendations for additional family-friendly tabletop RPG podcasts to add or if you see a correction is needed, please contact me through the site’s contact form. I am happy to make updates and want all my information to be correct.

For recommendations, this list’s goal is to have tabletop RPG podcasts that are specifically listed as family-friendly or are confirmed by the cast that they are family-friendly versus podcasts that just tend to play that direction. I have made exceptions for a few that I actively listen to because I can adjust the list if things go out of the family-friendly zone, but aside from those, I want to keep these specifically composed of family focused tabletop RPG podcasts so I’m not leading anyone astray if the podcast’s tone changes.

The podcasts list!

For smaller screens:  Make sure to scroll right to get all the information on these kid-friendly tabletop RPG podcasts !

For running your own tabletop RPG’s with your kids, check out these other resources on the TTRPGkids site: games list, tips and tricks, reviews, and more!

Name of podcast + linkPosts on TTRPGkids or appearances on the showtype of podcastdescriptionsocial media
Almost Bedtime Theaterreview
discussion + AP (kids playing)a father and daughter playing, reviewing, and talking about TTRPG'stwitter
D&D & DaughtersreviewAP (kids playing)D&D with twin girls (starting at age 8 and continuing for several years)twitter
Stories Podcastreviewstorytime + APstorytime station for kids that now has a RPG to go with during some select episodes!twitter
What If Worldinterview (article on TTRPGkids)RP style storiesEach week, Mr. Eric takes a "What if?" question from a kid and spins it into a story for all of you!instagram
Dad's & DragonsTTRPGkids on S3, E17!
TTRPGkids interview with the hosts!
discussion (dads) + AP (kids playing)Two dads discussing D&D + AP holiday sessions with their kidstwitter
Raised on DnDTTRPGkids interview with the host!
TTRPG is in S5E10!
discussiondiscussion podcast focusing on experiences growing up with D&Dtwitter
How Not to DMTTRPGkids on Nov 3!discussion, interviews*make sure to check each episode's content warnings before watching with kids

Weekly interview show about the worst mistakes and greatest triumphs in DM'ing! Aimed to be suitable to for their family and includes content warnings if an episode is not.
Tabletop&BeyondEpisode 72discussion, interviewsA tabletop gaming talk show that delves into all sorts of tabletop games! Language is kept to G-rating, though, due to the content of various games, please use discretion.twitter
DadventurousAP (kids playing)A Dad & Daughter Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play for all ages!instagram
The Kid's Table (D&D)AP (kids playing)A family-friendly dnd campaign where kids are in charge of the story!instagram
Tomes of the Chaos BardAPA family-friendly, fantasy-focused, Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast.twitter
Stack o' DiceAPActual play games, purposely tailored to be fam-friendlytwitter
Skyjacks: Courier's CallAPall ages Skyjacks AP podcasttwitter
Tavern Tales JuniorAPActual play games voiced by and for kids! Quick heads up, may have a little language from the older kids.twitter
Deck of Many AcesAPclean homebrew D&D podcast with all members coming frome the Ace/Aro communitytwitter
Behold!AP + gamingFather and young son playing D&D and video games togethertwitter
Relic of the PastAPclean classic D&D podcasttwitter
Imprinted EchoesAPfamily friendly AP podcast set in Numeneratwitter
AutoNomicAPfamily friendly AP podcast set in Respitetwitter
Sneak AttackAPfamily friendly AP podcasttwitter
The Titans of All'TerraAPfamily friendly D&D 5e AP podcasttwitter
Make Believe HeroesAPfamily friendly D& 5e AP podcast set in the world of Manumitwitter
MelodicBlueAPActual play games, live streamed (so this is on twitch vs. podcast), kept fam-friendly so kids can listen!twitter
I Cast Fireball!APActual play games, aimed to be fam-friendlytwitter
The Damage GuildAPActual play family friendly D&D 5e gamestwitter
Tales from the Glass Guarded WorldAPActual play games that aim for fam-friendly - may contain occasional PG level sweartwitter
Knocked ProneAPActual play games set in the Forgotten Realms!twitter
Prism PalsAPall ages Quest AP podcasttwitter
DnDoctoratesAPActual play Aussie podcast that keeps the language decent as they adventure through the post-doc environment of a fantasy university!twitter
Playing Games with StrangersAPA hilarious D&D actual-play podcast without the profanity. Gasp! Can there be such a beast‽ New episodes release Mondays at 6AM EST.facebook
The Lazy BardcastAPThe Lazy Bardcast is a family-friendly, narrative-based Dungeons and Dragons podcast. (It's like Lord of the Rings meets Broadway).twitter
Dungeons & BrothersAPA family friendly D&D podcast featuring a Dad and his two sons.twitter
D20DamesAPA family-friendly TTRPG podcast that uses a simplified rules set and break down play in rules explainers and throughout the show!twitter
Guaranteed Adventure PodcastAPA family friendly TTRPG podcast broken into mini series with rotating GMstwitter
Failure, ImprovisedAPA "PG" family friendly D&D podcast where a dad and his two kids play tabletop roleplaying games together.twitter
The Imagine Neighborhoodstorytelling SE podcast for kidsWhile not a TTRPG podcast, this show does incorporate a lot of RP-like storytelling and makes more than a few references to popular TTRPG themes, and I thought it deserved a shoutoutinstagram

Thank you for playing (and listening to) tabletop RPGs with your kids and helping to bring this fun hobby to the next generation! Keep up to date on new reviews, games, and articles with the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter, and please also let me know in the comments if you have feedback on the site or this has helped you in some way!

Thank you,

Steph C, TTRPGkids

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  2. Glad it is a helpful article! TTRPG’s with kids is a game-changer (sorry for the pun), and having kid-friendly podcasts is like screen-free stories that hype them up for playing games later too. I’m hoping this helps raise awareness and we get way more people started out playing games with their kids OR more creators making kid-focused TTRPG content!

  3. Thanks for this. Been looking for some info like this for a while now. Just getting started with my kids for some weekend D&D. I was looking for some AP D&D podcasts for them to listen to that wasn’t “adult”.

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