Where to find: Kid friendly dice for table top games!

Worried about dice being too small for young kids? Small dice difficult to see or use? Here’s some options to help find alternatives!

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Why consider different dice?

There’s lots of reasons to consider swapping your regular game dice for something else, including: 

  • Worried about child choking hazard
  • Small numbers difficult to read due to eyesight
  • Dice difficult to pick up due to arthritis
  • Players are having a hard time counting
  • You want to try a lawn game TTRPG session

If you are concerned about using small dice at your table or are having difficulty using dice at your table, here are some jumbo and contained dice options that can help with your next game! Please use your judgement to determine if these recommendations are right for your particular players (since age appropriateness ranges) and I hope they help.

Also, in parallel to this article on different dice that are out there, I also put up an article for dice alternative crafts and other options that could also help with the above list.  Please also check out the ideas there for more options!

Knitted dice

I found knitted dice while looking for a friend’s baby shower gift and thought these were really cute for babies or really young kids who could also use them as a stuffed toy.  They also look like they would be easy to grab for anyone with arthritis.

This shop also sells the pattern if you wanted to try making them yourself

Plush dice

There are a lot of plush dice out there, which is great because you get some options.  This is another one that I think could work really well for super young kids and can double as a soft toy for them to play with beyond the game.  

Here are a few options that I hope work for you!

Wooden lawn dice

I like the idea of wooden lawn dice because you also bring up the option of having an outdoor TTRPG session and introducing some live action role-playing (LARP).  Kids could also use these as building blocks and practice being the next dice stacking champion. There’s even some glow in the dark ones for evening events or camping!

Pet dice: 

I did also want to mention Paw-lymorph Pet Toys – they are making rubber dog toy dice, and I think this would also be awesome as an option for kids.  If it can survive a dog chewing on them, it should be able to resist your kid trying to bite a chunk out of it as well. 

They are getting ready for their kickstarter still, but here are their links for updates!

Dice popper: 

You can also use a dice popper.  It’s fun for kids to click the popper down and have all the dice jump back up, plus the dice are contained, so no worries about them falling off the table and getting lost. 

Magic 8 Ball: 

If you want to go a little outside of the box, a Magic 8 Ball is essentially a die floating in a container and could be used as a randomizer.  When good phrases come up, that counts as a success.  If “outlook is not so good”, then maybe that’s not a successful skill check roll.  

Hopefully this helps you find a few options for some kid-friendly dice or just gives some new options for your games!  Please let me know if you make kid-friendly dice, have some recommendations, or have used any of the recommendations from this list!

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