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For Kids’ TTRPG Creators: Engaging and Connecting!

To all the creators of kid’s tabletop RPG adventures, systems, podcasts, blogs, summer camps, workshops, maps, minis, and general mayhem – I want to help you get the word out on your cool projects!

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One of my goals with TTRPGkids is to provide a one-stop shop for caregivers to find material for their kids, but another goal that I have is to help creators get their work out there and meet each other so we can all grow and learn together.

To help with that, I have a bunch of ways that you can connect with both caregivers and other creators through TTRPGkids in this one easy to reference place. 

What I explain here is pretty close to my process for getting word out on the TTRPGkids blog, which helps me connect, even on busy days when kiddo needs a little more attention or life gets big.  If you want to bookmark this to use as your daily or weekly check with some easy links, I am very happy to provide that as a resource.

My suggestions are broken down depending on your preferred social media methods; you by no means need to do ALL of this to get some benefit.  I would actually recommend picking maybe 1-2 areas to focus on and try a few options out to see what works versus trying to jump full in (and maybe get burned out by doing too much at once). Use this to see what clicks, and I’ll help where I can too!


  • Use #TTRPGkids on your posts – this tells everyone, in one hashtag, what you’re talking about, and I, myself, check this hashtag multiple times per day to like, RT, and/or comment and give a boost
  • Tag me, using @TTRPGkids, if you really want to make sure I see your work or find something you think I should share
  • Engage with other creators, easily searchable with #TTRPGkids or found by following me on twitter, a few times per week:
    • Leaving a comment, asking a question, or posting a QRT can start a conversation or make a new connection in your network
    • If you don’t have a ton of time, likes and RT’s are quick and still help!
    • This helps you see what is out there already and what people are looking for in this niche, and they will likely return the favor to help you too
  • Make sure to post about something other than your project once in a while (even if just 1/week)- this can be a question, a comment, a QRT, etc, so it doesn’t need to be big.  Twitter can be very engagement based, so it helps show the “you” behind your project.



  • Join the TTRPGkids discord server!  You can post your material, ask about playtesters, jump in on questions from parents, etc – great for shared support and engagement


  • Similar to twitter, use #TTRPGkids or tag my instagram account so I know you’re there and can help boost
  • Search for #TTRPGkids to engage and with other creators in the same space and make connections


  • I do have a small subreddit for TTRPGkids material – I would love to see works from other creators here!  It is small, but there are a few followers who check it out, and I do moderate it to make sure it stays fair


  • If you’re interested in a review or interview on the site, I’d be happy to chat – just send me a message through the contact page
  • If I’ve already written a review for you, please use it!  I try to post links to my reviews in the comments on games so people can find them, but also, you can link it in your game description or on your sites.  It can help reassure people about what’s in your game if they have some in-depth examples, and that’s my whole goal with this.


  • If you are interested in being on a podcast, I have a list of family-friendly podcasts, several of which are talk shows that do interviews, that you can reach out to or I can help with introductions, if you prefer (please use the contact page)
  • Same goes for collaborations!  Check out who I’m working with (through the site or other social media platforms) and make some connections, or let me know through the contact page if you’d like an introduction!
  • I also would love to be a guest writer on awesome projects and would like to support in what ways I can. Please contact me and let me know what you’re thinking for collab opportunities!

I hope this helps you find some hopefully easy ways to connect with each other and engage with everyone checking out the TTRPGkids community!  If you have any questions or any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments, and I wish you well in your gaming endeavors!

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