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Review of the Familiar Finders books, a story and journal combo for kids!

The Familiar Finders is a set of books designed for kids to imagine a fantastic hidden world filled with creatures that have a magical form AND to journal about it!  While not a typical tabletop RPG, this book combo encourages kids to go out in nature and imagine the world of the familiars, kind of like a journaling LARP (live action roleplay) adventure!  It’s encouraged my kid to go on many walks since we’ve started playing, and I hope you enjoy it too!
roll for initiative cover

Review of Roll for Initiative, a middle grade book about friendship, self-confidence, and D&D!

Roll for Initiative by Jaime Formato is a middle grade book all about making friends and finding oneself with some help from D&D!  It follows the story of Riley as she rolls with life’s changes when her big brother (and D&D DM) moves away for college.  She grows, makes friends, and starts running her own campaign… and, especially when her brother comes back home and tries to run things his way, learns that she maybe likes taking the initiative.
16 Mice Make Soup tabletop RPG cover page

Review of 16 Mice Make Soup (MouSoup), a tabletop RPG for 2-16 MouChefs!

16 Mice Make Soup (or MouSoup) is an RP heavy tabletop RPG that works for up to 16 players (!!) and revolves around everyone creating a wonderful dish together that showcases each MouChef’s special ingredient to dazzle the judge with your fantastic creations!
Eldritch Pets title image - puppy

Review of Eldritch Pets, a tabletop RPG for raising cute (and otherworldly) pets!

Eldritch Pets is a rules-lite journaling tabletop RPG that’s all about raising a cute and terrible little creature!  Roll for random prompts that affect your pet’s corruption level and your character’s ability to handle said corruption as you delve into the world of the weird and oddly cute.
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Review of DnD Adventure Club: The Wilds Trilogy, a set of tabletop RPG stories for kids!

A full year after launch DnD Adventure Club is going strong with all new stories, characters, and mechanics! I took a look at The Wilds Trilogy and had a great time with my kid exploring ruins, racing through the woods, and rescuing the lost prince!