Review for Cozy Companion vol 3: All Things Nautical

Cozy Companion is a magazine from Snowbright Studio that includes TTRPG adventures, project features, and activities for all ages (kids and adults can both enjoy) that all revolve around a particular theme for each issue!  This review is for Cozy Companion volume 3: All Things Nautical!  

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What is Cozy Companion

Like I stated in the intro, Cozy Companion is a magazine with each issue highlighting different games, stories, activities, and more all centered around a particular theme.  

Cozy Companion vol 3: All Things Nautical includes high seas TTRPG adventures for Time Tales, Ink, and Teatime Adventures, science articles and activities to learn about aquatic plants, interviews with the creators of Bubble Net AND with The Crafty Gamer, and themed board game reviews!

With regards to TTRPGs, this issue expands on the Time Tales universe by introducing Boomerang Kittens, a new character/NPC option, and has a high seas adventure where Zoe and Kinley encounter Anne Bonny while learning all about food on pirate ships!  There’s also an adventure for Ink that starts out at The Ravenous Cliffs and is a great eerie adventure to fit into an existing Ink campaign or be added to campaigns for other systems.  Perhaps the biggest TTRPG highlight, is the Teatime Adventures story that centers around The Festival of Tides and has several encounters that span from enjoying an informative and tasty dinner (which includes a real life recipe for you to try out) to running into some pirates (or… freelance mariners) to finding aquatic sheep!  

Who would Cozy Companion be great for?

Cozy Companion is made for everyone and is great for both kids and adults to enjoy and learn from.  The adventures have a very family-friendly feel, with Ink being geared a little more towards 8+ due to the vibe and the others being awesome for even really young kids.  The content includes activities that are fun and accessible for all ages.

This magazine is particularly great if you are playing one of the Snowbright Studio games because you regularly get new adventures for those systems, but you can also easily use the stories here to just read for storytime or for integrating with other systems to create exciting and low-to-no fighting encounters for other TTRPGs that you play.

The interview sections are also great for creators to learn what others are doing in the gaming world, to understand their process, and to resonate with the journey of another game writer or small business owner (so you aren’t feeling like an island).

How Cozy Companion hones in on education… without being pushy

One of the many reasons that I’ve been liking Cozy Companion is that it includes a lot of educational elements that are meshed into the stories and themes of the magazine so that they’re presented primarily as something fun while also happening to be educational (instead of being the other way around and maybe turning some people off to engaging). 

For example, in the Time Tales adventure, there’s small excerpts placed throughout the story, maybe every 5-10 minutes in the game when you consider RP, that have little 30 second blurbs about how food was handled on pirate ships.  It has notes on scurvy, dried provisions, and why certain foods (like potatoes) were not super easy to keep.  These tidbits add to the immersion of the story while also being great educational opportunities to learn more about life during that time period, food science, and new vocabulary without it being forced on the players.  It’s part of the play. 

The science and activities are great too – there’s a science article, wedged between adventures, that talks about aquatic plants and gives fun and easy at-home experiments to try.  Aquatic plants are brought up within all the stories in the book, so this feeds into that interest that’s now been peeked and gives readers a hands-on way to interact with it.  You can see how bubbles of air form on leaves in water and see how light and water interact so you understand the stories better while also learning in a really fun way. 

There’s even a recipe!  I mentioned before that the Teatime Adventures story had a strawberry shortcake recipe – this recipe is easy enough that most kids can help with it and will learn basic cooking skills (very practical education that’s often not taught at school) that feeds on the interest with the story being told.

My overall thoughts on Cozy Companion

I love this magazine so much.  Cozy Companion has a wonderful vibe that’s great for calm reading, exciting storytelling, and fun educational experiences that seamlessly flows from one section to the next.  It’s great screen-free time for both my kid and me, it gives us easy and engaging activities and stories to do together, and it truly does have a nice, cozy, friendly feel in every article, adventure, and feature. 

Find a copy of Cozy Companion

You can find Cozy Companion here on the Snowbright Studio site!

Also, check out my review of Time Tales (with a bonus feature on Cozy Companion vol 2) here!

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