My Dad the Game Master - cover page

Review of My Dad the Game Master, a heartfelt story about growing up with a GM dad

My Dad the Game Master is a fun picture book story about a girl sharing her insights on what it means to live with her game master dad.  From finding treasures like his shiny dice and minis to making creative bedtime stories, this book covers all the wonderful and weird parts of living with a tabletop roleplaying gamer dad. 
Ti'tains logo

Review of Ti’tains, a card stacking construction toy that’s great for tabletop RPGs!

Ti’tains are a card stacking and holding device that can be used for a lot of cool applications with tabletop RPGs!  From being stands for printed or drawn minis to facilitating easy to build mazes, Ti’tains have been a lot of fun to try out, and I’m glad to share some of the ideas we had for this new building system with you!
I Went to the North Pole Once cover image

Review of I Went to the North Pole Once, a tabletop RPG about creating a holiday adventure!

I Went to the North Pole Once is a rules-lite prompt based roleplaying game that’s all about making up a story about a trip to the North Pole!  Roll for random prompts that you use to create your winter wonderland story!