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TTRPGkids game review: Starsworn Chapter 3

I played Starsworn Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 last year with kiddo, and we had a lot of fun together! Now, we’ve tried out Chapter 3, which is an awesome magical school adventure, and had all kinds of fun learning to use our character’s powers (and introducing the Luck of Legends drama clock)!
Critical Core - a therapeutic and accessible tabletop RPG

Review of Critical Core, an accessible tabletop RPG focused on growth

Critical Core is a therapeutic tabletop RPG built off of D&D 5e mechanics! With its intuitive format, focus on social interactions, and clear facilitator guide, this is an awesome TTRPG and tool for players to have fun while building skills and for parents, educators, and facilitators to be able to smoothly provide a welcome gaming environment.

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Review of Sodalitas, a tabletop RPG SRD for quick games with kids

Sodalitas is a tabletop RPG SRD that is designed for quick set up, easy comprehension, and fun gameplay with kids!  It is well-suited both for playing with kids at home or running short sessions with an after school group, and it pairs up with a full set of 1-page premade adventures!
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Review of Gangs Jr., a tabletop wargame designed for kids

Gangs Jr. was my first foray into playing wargame style tabletop RPgs, and it actually worked really well as an introduction for myself, in addition to being a lot of fun for my kid.  We ran a very fun water balloon fight across a map covered in blocks and toys, and loved the simplified system for getting both a newcomer and a little one into a new type of gaming.
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Review of Jump Rangers, an all-ages sci-fi tabletop RPG

Jump Rangers is a full game system (complete with gear, a creature list, lore, characters, and stories) that plays out like an epic space opera!  The storytelling was great, and kiddo loved using special powers to resolve some exciting scenes – go high and go far, Rangers!