Kid-friendly tabletop RPGs about dragons!

Check out this list of all-ages indie TTRPGs that are all about dragons! Play as a dragon, seek them out, or adventure through a world where they exist!

Dragon-themed TTRPGs reviewed or featured on TTRPGkids

Dragon Dowser

Dragon Dowser, from Hatchlings Games, is a card-based solo journaling TTRPG that revolves around themes of conservation, connection, and saving dragons! Everything here from the lore to present-events to game goals to the beautiful art is centered around finding and helping dragons.

Precious Things

Precious Things is a tabletop RPG that fits into a folded zine to match the size of the little dragons that you’ll play as! Find small but precious treasures for your hoard and team up with fellow dragons to help each other create mighty piles of loot!


Wyrmlings is an all ages tabletop RPG about a group of young dragons taking on challenges through their own strength and that of their friends while going to school and exploring the world around them! ALSO! Fun note… I was a guest writer for this one and wrote a bunch of adventures in the book! This has such an awesome feel to it, meshing the vibe from My Little Ponies with Dragons of Wrenly, and I thoroughly enjoyed both playing and writing for this game.

GDEC (Global Dragon Egg Conservation)

GDEC was the first solo-journaling TTRPG that I had ever played, and I really loved it! This game sets you as a conservation specialist who focuses on caring for endangered dragon eggs. You’ll face challenges and answer questions about the egg to both see if you’re successful and determine what kind of dragon hatches!

Kittens & Dragons

Kittens & Dragons from Van Ryder Games is a graphic novel choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) style story that uses search-and-find mechanics instead of dice!  It’s great for running solo or with your kids for a good read, a fun game, and a wonderful adventure, AND… there may be a cute hidden little dragon at the center of this story…

Little But Fierce

Little But Fierce is a full D&D 5e rewrite that’s made for kids! It focuses on the rules system of the game, so, with echoes from D&D, it can lend really well to playing in classic TTRPG stories involving dragons. There’s no premade adventure with dragons in this one, but it draws from “the Dragon game”, making it a great medium for facilitating dragon encounters that are a little more accessible to kids. Also, there’s more and more being added to their expansion set all the time, so keep an eye out for some possible pre-made adventures in the future.

Sandy the Dragon (by TTRPGkids)

And I’ve also made a little series of dragon games! Sandy the Dragon is a short choice-based rules-lite (or rules-less) TTRPG that’s made for really little kids to be able to participate in and tell stories about dragons.

Dragon themed TTRPGs recommended by others

For other recommendations, let me know what you’d recommend to check out! There’s a lot of TTRPGs out there, and I’m looking for ones that are specifically honing in on that all-ages friendly vibe and that have a strong thematic focus centered around dragons. If you have a suggestion for a game to check out, let me know in the comments, fill out the form here, or email so I can take a look and add it to this section!

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