TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, Episode 12: Pacing TTRPGs for young players

In this episode of TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, I talk about how to pace TTRPGs (both within sessions and as a campaign) for younger players to help them stay engaged and interested while still being able to track larger stories!

Ludology podcast is a discussion-based show about the hows and whys of tabletop games! They have longer form episodes every other week, and, on one of the off weeks each month, we have the TTRPGkids show! These shorter episodes will cover topics that are focused on tabletop RPGs for kids and youth, and I’m excited to share the link to the 12th episode here!

In Episode 12, I talk about how to pace encounters, short stories, and plots by alternating the types of events, different levels of excitement, and more to help your adventures have interesting ups and downs for your heroes. I use examples, like one of the iconic scenes from My Neighbor Totoro to illustrate some of the strategies that you can use, and I talk about my own experience as well.

If you’re looking for some additional supporting material, check out my articles here that cover TTRPG encounters for kids!

I hope it helps, and happy gaming!

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