Solarpunk tabletop RPGs for all-ages

Check out this list of tabletop RPGs that focus on sustainability and living in harmony with nature!

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How I defined “solarpunk” when creating this list

There’s quite a few ways that I have seen people define solarpunk, so I want to clarify how I’m particularly defining the genre for this list.

The games recommended below all have some kind of focus on technology (and sometimes also magic) working in harmony with nature. Adventures and plot goals center around exploration in this harmonic world or sustainable problem solving where players pursue some kind of balance with the environment. The TTRPGs in this list also lean towards a focus on community and building harmony between people as well.

Suggestions for adding to or modifying this solarpunk themed TTRPG list

If you have a recommendation for an all-ages friendly solarpunk TTRPG to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids request form.

If you believe that one of the games on the list should NOT be included (because you have actually played it and saw concerns with the material that would make it inappropriate for all ages), please send me an email through the TTRPGkids contact page concisely explaining your experience with the game (i.e. you played it, created it, etc) and your concern.

A note on “all-ages” solarpunk TTRPGs

I sought out TTRPGs that appeared to have an all-ages vibe based on recommendations from the community, reviews on other sites, discussions with the creator, and/or details provided on the game’s page, However, I have not played ALL of these games, and I may judge some content differently from you. This list is aimed at helping you quickly find solarpunk games that might be suitable for you and your players, but please also conduct your own research and evaluation of the material so you are purchasing games that YOU judge as appropriate for your particular group.

List of solarpunk themed TTRPGs!

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NameDescriptionFind a copy!TTRPGkids posts
Banda's Grovea campground setting where world collide and players learn to find balance and care for their surroundingsitchiofeatured project
Roots & Flowersa solarpunk hack of Lasers and Feelings about adventure and communitiesitchio
Solarpunk Futures10 minute card-based TTRPG about building a utopian futureitchio
Renew: A Narrative Building Game1-pager TTRPG about repairing sustainable energy collectors and exploring the worlditchio
Archology Worldmostly non-violent pbta TTRPG focused on sustainable communities and problem solvingitchio
What's So Cool About Solarpunk?a guide for making your solarpunk characters, worlds, and adventuresitchio
Green Skiessolo-journaling TTRPG where you play as a sustainable buildingitchio
Spellpunk: Solar and Sundera 5e solarpunk setting about meshing magic, tech, and nature in harmonyDriveThruRPG
R.E.V.I.V.A.L coming soon!coming soon!
Coyote and Crowa sci-fi RPG set in a decolonized futurecreator's website
Worlds Without Harmonya game about ideological conflicts, unanswerable questions, and the people caught between themDriveThruRPG
Utopiaa neo-futuristic roleplaying game, drawing on elements of cyberpunk and speculative science fictionDriveThruRPG
The Tall Grassa GMless TTRPG about communality, collaboration and creativity in a post-apocalyptic worldDriveThruRPG
Solar Mech Squadbalance destroyed ecosystems using powers from mech suits controlled from orbititchiomade by TTRPGkids
Critter Mech Squaduse your mechs to travel around the world and save animals in needitchiomade by TTRPGkids

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