Review of Venture Society by 9th Level Games

Venture Society is a TTRPG designed for young players that teaches about empathy and social skills while on a fun non-violent adventure! I had the opportunity to GM the pre-release demo at Origins Game Fair with an awesome little adventurer and his family, and I got to speak with the game’s creators about their goals with the game. Here’s my take, and I hope you enjoy this preview!

Review of The Bodhana Group’s Branch Riders!

Branch Riders is a TTRPG designed by a therapeutic gaming non-profit, The Bodhana Group, that aims to facilitate teamwork, creative problem solving, and development of other core player skills while providing a fun and easy to interact with adventure spanning any genre so everyone can play the character they want! See what’s up with their latest project, Branch Riders, here!

Review: Coinsides spinner, dice alternative!

Last year, I entered a Coinsides Adventure Sparks game jam and won a very cool dice spinner! We’ve found it to be a really cool option that kiddo has had a lot of fun messing with during our games – check out here for some of the awesome stuff it can do and how it can offer an easier to keep track of, non-choking hazard dice alternative for games with or around young players!

Review of Hairy Shanks, a rune-based TTRPG about wonderfully wild characters

Hairy Shanks is a tabletop RPG about playing as a chaotic little hairy creature who draws power from the runes within them. Using only spatial randomization mechanics it’s super accessible for new and young TTRPG players, and it was a great game to check out!

Review revisit: Little But Fierce (D&D 5e for kids + 2 years of expansions)

Today’s review is a revisit of Little But Fierce! Since it released, Little But Fierce has had four new expansions come out that have really changed the game and give some new options for play! I’m excited to take another look at this awesome game, and congrats to LBF on the 2 year anniversary!