TTRPG accessibility kits from TI'TAINS at Gary Con

Digital version of TI’TAINS accessibility kits for Gary Con XV

During Gary Con, Howie from TI’TAINS is giving out TTRPG accessibility resource kits at the in-person convention. Here, I’m posting a digital version of that kit as part of our team up so everyone can access it digitally as well.
These are the in-person kits being given out at Gary Con.  They include a set of 4 TI'TAINS card holdes and business cards from TI'TAINS, Creators Assemble, Stellar card factory, Dr. Megan Connell, Young Dragon Slayers, IdeaReality, Game to Grow, and TTRPGkids
In-person physical resource kit being given out at Gary Con XV

Howie from TI’TAINS had the idea of making TTRPG accessibility resource kits to give out at Gary Con XV as a way to easily bring tools and resource to TTRPG conventions and get the word out for those who are using TTRPGs to help others.

TI’TAINS card holder holding up a hand drawn paper mini from the TTRPGkids card

Howie has led the activity, and I’ve helped where I can with making connections from people I’ve worked with and am supporting making this digital version of the kit (with some bonus resources that couldn’t be included in the physical kit) to help it be more widely available!

Please check out these awesome people, projects, and resources below, and happy gaming!

TI’TAINS – Versatile game piece holders + organizer for this accessibility kit

Game to Grow – Nonprofit dedicated to using games for therapeutic, educational, and community growth

Creators Assemble! – Nonprofit promoting literacy through comics and pop culture

Katie Lear – Child Anxiety & OCD Therapist, and found of Young Dragon Slayers

Dr. Megan Connell – Licensed phycologist and therapeutic Dungeon Master

Knights of the Braille – Community and resources for TTRPG players with visual impairment and low vision

Jennifer Kretchmer – Producer, writer, actor, streamer & disability advocate

Mini kits being handed out throughout the convention to help others find this page!  It shows the TTRPGkids business card, the TI'TAIN business card, a TI'TAIN card holder, and a dungeon wall that can be used with the TI'TAINS card holder.
Mini kits being handed out throughout the convention to help others find this page!

TTRPGkids (me!) – Making resources, games, and more to help you facilitate more TTRPGs with kids

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out this resource kit seeking out information about TTRPG accessibility and gaining tools that can help you make your games more available and fun for both you and your players! Thank you to everyone who participated in this kit and to Howie for organizing everything here. It’s been a pleasure being part of this, and I hope it helps!

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