TTRPGkids: Welcome from Gary Con Ethereal

TTRPGkids is at Gary Con Ethereal!

TTRPGkids is sponsoring a kid-friendly discord channel for virtual GaryCon! Come over to check out some fun panels and workshops, join some great games, and meet some amazing creators and storytellers!

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Free game downloads for GaryCon

wall to wall adventures: the grand wizard summit

During Gary Con, I’m setting some of my games on and ko-fi to free (in addition to a few that are already free) so you can try them out!

Go to the TTRPGkids or ko-fi and pick a game or three to try for free!

Link to accessibility kit collaboration with TI’TAINS

As part of a collaboration with Howie from TI’TAINS during Gary Con, please see below for links to two pages with resources to help with TTRPG accessibility:

Digital version of in-person accessibility kits

Game piece accessibility guide for players with visual impairment and low vision

the picture shows minis and cards compared between a no filter and blurred filter version to show how the cards can be more easily read and distinguished between than the minis

In addition to collaborating on the in-person kits and the game piece accessibility guide, we also teamed up to do a joint flier for the virtual swag kits!

collaboration flier with TI'TAINS

TTRPGkids events and discord channel at Gary Con Ethereal!

TTRPGkids is sponsoring a designated kid-friendly discord channel for Gary Con Ethereal! This means that it’s a comfortable spot for kids and families to play tabletop RPGs during the virtual convention. I’m also setting up several panels and a workshop on some awesome topics and in collaboration with some wonderful creators, many of whom have been featured on TTRPGkids previously (now’s your chance to chat with them)! Check it out here, and sign up for some fun games, chats, and more!

Friday, March 24 – workshop and panel

Join in on a workshop based on the Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid guide by TTRPGkids and a panel about Self Publishing YOUR TTRPG Idea (which could totally be an idea from the workshop)!

Additional resources/links:

Saturday, March 25 – TTRPGkids channel and panel

Try out some TTRPGs for all-ages (kids welcome) and learn about how Ampersand RPG makes their games accessible for kids on the TTRPGkids discord channel then head over to our panel on Playing D&D With Kids to see how specifically D&D can be used to help kids and can be adjusted to their needs and interests!

Additional resources/links:

Sunday, March 26 – Tattered Bear unveil and panel

In the morning, join us for the advanced unveiling of Tattered Bear, a new all-ages TTRPG publisher, and be the first to see the site and how they can help you publish your TTRPG idea! Then stick around for an afternoon chat about how TTRPGs can be used to teach in class and at home to help kids learn and grow!

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How to sign up for Gary Con Ethereal

To sign up for Gary Con Ethereal, there is an instructions page on the Gary Con website here with all the details and I have broken it down below as well.

  1. Create an account on TableTop Events here
  2. Buy a Gary Con Ethereal badge at the bottom of the screen here
    • The base Ethereal badge is $5 and grants you access to EVERYTHING in Ethereal
  3. Sign up to attend events here
    • To find the TTRPGkids event, type “TTRPGkids” in the search box
    • Make sure to click “GET” on that page and then “GET TICKET FOR…” on the next page
    • Make sure to then go to your cart after adding all your tickets and then “CHECK OUT FOR FREE” (scroll down to find the button)

Thank you sponsors!

To support the cost to sponsor the kid-friendly discord channel, I have been crowdfunding on ko-fi and want to say thank you to my ko-fi sponsors for helping to make this all happen! Check out the TTRPGkids sponsors page here to see the cool work they’re doing, and click below to help support TTRPGkids for future events too!

And thank YOU! I hope to see you around at Gary Con Ethereal!

Thank you for playing tabletop RPGs with your kids and helping to bring this fun hobby to the next generation! Keep up to date on new reviews, games, and articles with the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter, and please also let me know in the comments if you have feedback on the site or if this has helped you in some way!

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