Kid-Friendly Tabletop RPGs With Cozy Vibes

For fall, rainy days, or just because you like that mellow and comforting mood associated with everything “cozy”, check out this list of TTRPGs with cozy vibes to bring to your game table!

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I’m trying out a slightly different format for this list to give a little more explination of each game, and I hope it helps to quickly find info! Let me know below or by email what you think, and I hope this list helps you to find some wonderfully cozy games to try for yourself.

Cozy TTRPGs that I’ve tried out here on TTRPGkids

The Grandmother Tree

The Grandmother Tree is is a D&D adventure (that can also be used with other systems) that focuses on problem solving and combat alternatives. It’s a fun and cute story full of books, cookies, and a curious wyrmling that’s great for kids and grown ups alike! (TTRPGkids review)

Whither and Whence

Whither and Whence was made to teach young kids about basic math skills (like using non-standard units of measurement) and is GREAT for getting an exciting and cozy story going with your players. To prep for my review, I played several games with kiddo, and we changed the original concept (going to Grandma’s house, which… that already is great for this vibe) and made it into a story about Hilda from the Hilda books and show! It was great fun, and a nice game for a rainy day.

Happy Little Treants

Happy Little Treants is another one that felt like a good heart-warming game. Your party is on a quest to help save a group of joyful treants who need the party’s aid! When we played, we imagined the treants as being fall trees with beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves, and we spent quite a bit of time hanging out with those awesome plant buddies.

Good Nature

From sitting around a campfire to pitching a tent, Good Nature is a great combo of camping and tabletop RPGs that can capture that warmth of an outdoor trip with friends, especially if you try it out with a fall setting! (TTRPGkids review)

Familiar Finders

While not expressly a TTRPG, the Familiar Finders books are VERY cozy and I would consider them, in combination with their journal, a journaling game that reaches into the real world. Encouraging readers and players to go outside in different seasons and look for animals (in real life) that could be a familiar for a witch in the story, it has such a feeling of finding home and belonging with it, in addition to going out and seeking a bit of adventure. There’s even a kitchen witch (who loves being at home) to find familars for! (TTRPGkids review)


Wanderlust is a collaborative tabletop RPG about learning to say goodbye as you head off into the next part of your life (whether that be seeking the lost city of dragons or moving to a new school).  While is can be melancholy, I also found it to be very comforting and full of warmth too. It’s reflective, calm, and wonderful in a way that I haven’t really found in many other games, and I would highly recommend check it out.


Omotenashi is a very cozy storytelling prompt game all about hospitality and helping others feel welcome.  In this animal-populated world, you and the other players take on the roles of staff members as a getaway for a variety of guests, all with different needs, and figure out how to help them relax and find inspiration in their lives. (TTRPGkids review)

Teatime Adventures

Teatime Adventures is a cozy TTRPG with exciting stories and wonderful characters to discover and explore with each session.  It’s beautifully illustrated, has mechanics that promote collaboration and empathy, celebrates inclusion and wholesome vibes, and even has adventure-related recipes for some delicious baked goods that are just as much a treat as the rest of the book! (TTRPGkids review)

More cozy TTRPGs to check out from popular recommendations

This list has tabeltop RPGs that I haven’t personaly tried out (yet!) but that MANY people have recommended as awesome games that have that particular cozy vibe to them. As I get the opportunity to check them out, I’ll move them to the list above, and, for now, this still helps to narrow your searching!

Stay tuned for more TTRPG info on TTRPGkids!

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