Tiny Tome, Tiny TTRPG Review: Omotenashi

Omotenashi is a cozy storytelling prompt game all about hospitality and helping others feel welcome.  In this animal-populated world, take on the roles of staff members as a getaway for a variety of guests, all with different needs, and figure out how to help them relax and find inspiration in their lives.
5 Second Rule

Tiny Tome, Tiny TTRPG Review: 5 Second Rule

Congrats!  You have superpowers (!!), but they are limited to 5 seconds.  Maybe you can only turn back time by 5 seconds or maybe you can only gain super strength for 5 second intervals, but you still need to escape, complete daring feats of super heroism, and have adventures!  Use these limits to get creative and work together to use your powers to their fullest.
Tiny Tome

A summary of my Tiny Tome, Tiny TTRPG reviews – all the Tiny Tome games I’ve played with my kid!

I reviewed a handful of games from the Tiny Tome anthology, a collection of fifty 1-page TTRPG’s!  Several of these games are awesome rules-lite tabletop RPGs that are great for kids and were a joy to play with my child – check out a few of them here!