Tips and Tricks: Making effective TTRPG system “Cheat Sheets” for your particular game

I’ve played, made, and/or written about over 100 different tabletop RPGs on TTRPGkids, and one thing that has very consistently made games easier for my kid and me between all of these projects is the inclusion of a cheat sheet or summary sheet. So, to help you with creating your own for a system you’re trying out or adding to a game you’re creating for others, I want to break down what makes a good TTRPG cheat sheet and why you should consider it!

Review of DanD Made Easy, D&D 5e Trackers and Tools

DanD Made Easy has tons of trackers that help all players, but are especially helpful for introducing new players to the game!  I’ve been chatting with Dan, the creator of DanD Made Easy, who provides his trackers and resources to youth TTRPG groups, and I wanted to showcase some of his work that that has helped me in my own games!