Eldritch Pets title image - puppy

Review of Eldritch Pets, a tabletop RPG for raising cute (and otherworldly) pets!

Eldritch Pets is a rules-lite journaling tabletop RPG that’s all about raising a cute and terrible little creature!  Roll for random prompts that affect your pet’s corruption level and your character’s ability to handle said corruption as you delve into the world of the weird and oddly cute.
DnD Adventure Club logo

Review of DnD Adventure Club: The Wilds Trilogy, a set of tabletop RPG stories for kids!

A full year after launch DnD Adventure Club is going strong with all new stories, characters, and mechanics! I took a look at The Wilds Trilogy and had a great time with my kid exploring ruins, racing through the woods, and rescuing the lost prince!
Wanderlust tabletop RPG title image

Review of Wanderlust: A tabletop RPG about saying goodbye

Wanderlust is a collaborative tabletop RPG about learning to say goodbye as you head off into the next part of your life (whether that be seeking the lost city of dragons or moving to a new school).  It is a peaceful and melancholy journal-based game that, while still being fun, let my kid and me explore a new tone to our games, and showed me how much he’s starting to grow up.
Good Nature tabletop RPG - cover, sheet, and dice

Review of Good Nature – a collaborative journaling tabletop RPG!

Good Nature is a tabletop RPG for kids that focuses on collaboration and education.  There’s elements of rules-lite gaming and journaling fused into one game that revolves around a positive core set of stats and specific Common Core Anchor Standards educational skills.  Good Nature is a great system for creating fun educational RPG scenarios for kids and comes with its own awesome premade adventure too!
Dungeon Critters - cover title

TTRPGkids GRAPHIC NOVEL review: Dungeon Critters!

I had heard of Dungeon Critters before in recommendations and had been meaning to grab a copy when… I saw one at my local library!  Needless to say, I checked it out immediately and had a great time reading this awesome tabletop RPG-vibed graphic novel together with my kid! 
Teddy the RPG - cover page

Teddy the RPG review – a cute and daring teddy bear adventure!

Teddy the RPG is a tabletop RPG themed after valiant teddy bears who help kids face their fears, explore the unknown, and handle life’s challenges.  It is a rules-light game powered by the PUSH system and includes tons of tables filled with adventure ideas to both start an exciting story and keep the fun going!
Stacks of goblins - all ages tabletop RPG

Stacks of Goblins review – a shenanigan-filled all ages tabletop RPG!

Stacks of Goblins is a tabletop RPG designed for all ages to share in goblin mischief! From the fun settings, whacky goals, and semi-collaborative nature of working as a bunch of goblins in a trenchcoat, this is bound to be fun for everyone!