TTRPGkids holiday gift guide!

All-ages TTRPG review: Trouble at Santa’s Workshop

I heard about Trouble at Santa’s Workshop because of a charity event that was going on!  The creator was very kindly donating all proceeds from the game during Dec 2021 to a food drive charity for the holidays, and, with it also being an all-ages game, I really wanted to support.  Trouble in Santa’s Workshop was a great way to kick off some holiday family fun in our household, and was a nice easy game that got my son VERY excited about helping with holiday prep.
Whispers of the Voidbringer book

TTRPG BOOK review: Whispers of the Voidbringer

Whispers of the Voidbringer by M. Allen Hall is a TTRPG-inspired novel that gives a great example of kids playing D&D.  It follows the epic adventures of a group of player characters as they navigate a classic fantasy world in danger…. And it also follows the parallel journey of the kids playing these characters as they navigate each other, learn the game, and experience this awesome quest.  It was a fun read, and I hope you enjoy it as well!
DnD Adventure Club logo

Kid’s TTRPG review: DnD Adventure Club

When I first heard of the DnD Adventure Club, I was excited to check it out!  It is a monthly DnD adventure subscription with ready-made stories that are appropriate for and geared at kids ages 8-12, which I am all for!  I loved reviewing their material and think this would be great for both kids and for adult players who are new to DnD and a little intimidated by the scope of all the classic books!

TTRPG BOOK Review: Roll Dice, Build Character

I usually review games, BUT Roll Dice, Build Character by Mark Hasen seemed like a great fit for the TTRPGkids site – it covers the benefits of kids playing TTRPG’s and discusses some of the concerns or questions that parents may have. This is a great read for anyone on the fence, just starting out, or trying to convince other parents to let their kids join the table!

All Ages TTRPG Review: Shrewmanji

I heard about Shrewmanji when its creator, DC Bradshaw, contacted me about the game. Immediately, I thought it looked adorable and hilarious.  As a fan of both the original and new Jumanji movies, it was a lot of fun being able to jump into this game and share a wild board/video game style jungle adventure with my family!