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I went to PaxU 2023 to support a very fun workshop about TTRPGs and EDU, and, despite only being there one day, I also got to say hi to some friends from previous conventions, attend a very awesome panel on TTRPG-related unions, and see my game being sold at one of the booths! Check out here for resources and details from my time at Pax Unplugged!

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TTRPGs and EDU workshop details and resources (plus a shoutout to the Don’t Split the Party team)!

The main reason I was at PaxU was to help present the TTRPGs in EDU workshop alongside Maryanne Cullinan (who kicked it off and coordinated) and Jennifer Genova! Maryanne and Jennifer have some amazing research that they’ve done in educational TTRPGs that they were able to share with the very full audience – over 100 attendees participated, and they had to start turning away at the door because the room was at capacity! We also played two games with the group, one teaching how to use a dichotomous key and about ID’ing fungi and a second about how to use the engineering design process while stressing why it’s actually important for safety and cost/time. It was very fun seeing everyone get super into it! If you’d like more details (either because you attended and want more OR you’re just interested), check out the links here to get started or email me at!

Maryanne and Jennifer’s research – Gaming the Systems: A Component Analysis Framework for the Classroom Use of RPGs

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ALSO… there was a second presentation that Maryanne put together with an amazing group of panelists that was called “Don’t Split the Party” – this workshop on how to make your game space welcoming for all players and account for neurodiversity was amazing, and I really enjoyed getting to participate as an attendee.

People, sights, and other XP at PaxU

I was only at PaxU for Friday and was a bit crunched on time due to travel, workshop prep, etc… however, I did my best to try to say hi to as many people as I could throughout the vendor hall and got to attend an awesome panel, led by Lin Codega, about TTRPG-related union options (there’s SO MANY including for freelance writers)! Check out below for the list of people, booths, games, and more that I’m happy to highlight from PaxU 2023! Links go to TTRPGkids articles, reviews, etc where available.

  • There is Power in a Tabletop Union – panel hosted by Lin Codega with Rue Dickey, Ned Donovan, Jess Redekop, and Alex Speidel
  • Indie Press Revolution booth highlighting some cool titles that I recognize including:

Where to find TTRPGkids next

Next, TTRPGkids is working with a very fun convention on an exciting announcement (that I’m eager to share, but… I need to wait a tiny bit longer)! Stay tuned for more details in the next couple weeks about an early 2024 convention appearance!

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