Bundle Alert! TTRPGkids Halloween AND TTRPGkids trains!

With the release of the Fall Fright Express, I’m kicking off two bundles – one for all the TTRPGkids Halloween games and another for all the TTRPGkids train games! Check them both out here for a nice discount on the total price, and enjoy!

TTRPGkids Halloween games bundle contains 5 spooky (but not too scary) TTRPGs that are a OK to try with kids! Visit the TTRPGkids Halloween Bundle page to pick up these frightfully fun games between now and Nov 1, 2023:

The TTRPGkids trains bundle includes all 4 train games by TTRPGkids. These games all take place on a train that defies space and time to bring you new adventures every time you play depending on the order you draw your car cards. The printable train deck games listed below will be available indefinitely in the bundle indefinitely:

I hope these bundles help you get a whole bunch of games that you’ll enjoy with your friends, family, or classroom, and… make sure to subscribe to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter to stay up to date on the latest reviews, tips and tricks, game and podcast list updates, and more! I’m regularly posting bundle alerts now as well so you can find out about awesome indie TTRPG bundles as they go live by following along on the TTRPGkids social media.

Thank you for checking out the TTRPGkids site, and… happy gaming!

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