Educational TTRPGs and/or XP? Call for proposals is open for SXSW EDU 2025 through July 21 + help from TTRPGkids!

Do you have an educational TTRPG that you think would help educators? Do you have experience using TTRPGs to teach or help students? Consider submitting your proposals to SXSW EDU 2025 to help others with your XP!

Review of Venture Society by 9th Level Games

Venture Society is a TTRPG designed for young players that teaches about empathy and social skills while on a fun non-violent adventure! I had the opportunity to GM the pre-release demo at Origins Game Fair with an awesome little adventurer and his family, and I got to speak with the game’s creators about their goals with the game. Here’s my take, and I hope you enjoy this preview!

TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, Episode 14: TTRPGs and SEL in the classroom

TTRPGkids has a regular spot on Ludology Podcast, and in this part of the series, I’ll be talking about educational TTRPGs! Episdoe 14 gets into how TTRPGs build SEL skills into the classroom, and you can check it out here along with some additional resources for after you listen!

Interview with Shelly Mazzanoble, D&D curriculum creator and senior brand manager at Wizards of the Coast

While at SXSW EDU 2024, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk with Shelly Mazzanoble about D&D in the classroom!  Check out our chat here to learn about Shelly’s XP at Wizards of the Coast and see what educational resources she’s been part of making!!

Shifting from “educational” to “classroom ready” TTRPGs

With a wider community acceptance of the idea that games provide players with benefits to skill development, many publishers are releasing educational TTRPGs.  However, for these games to be widely accepted in a classroom setting and to actually be accessible to educators who are stretched on time and resources, it’s important to make sure that your game is not just educational but that it’s also classroom ready.  

Review of The Library Game, an adventure for learning about libraries!

The Library Game by Open Story Games is a TTRPG/LARP where players learn about library organization while acting as researchers trying to prepare for a catastrophe that’s about to befall the building! Collect magical words for creating your solution before time runs out!

Review for Cozy Companion vol 3: All Things Nautical

Cozy Companion is a magazine from Snowbright Studio that includes TTRPG adventures, project features, and activities for all ages (kids and adults can both enjoy) that all revolve around a particular theme for each issue!  This review is for Cozy Companion volume 3: All Things Nautical!