Bundle alert! Pocket TTRPGs bundle has 18 kid-friendly TTRPGs!

This post is new type of aritlce that’s an alert about a TTRPG bundle that contains some kid-friendly games! This particular bundle is all about short TTRPGs (i.e. TTRPGs you can fit in your pocket).

Disclaimer: I am highlighting the kid-friendly games in this bundle, however not every game in the bundle is kid-friendly, so please review accordingly before sharing the whole bundle with kids. Evaluation of the kid-friendliness of each game comes from a combination of game description and author testimony.

You can find the Pocket TTRPG bundle by Sprinting Owl here, which contains 64 games for $25!

The 18 kid-friendly games included in this bundle are:

  • Guarden
  • Spooktacular Bookmarks
  • Smidgeons
  • Wander Wizards
  • (Everyone Roll a) Perception Check
  • Beauty in the Grid
  • A Shrine for Something Forgotten
  • Combat Cootie Catchers
  • Tiny Home Terrarium
  • Minifig Madness
  • A Mimir
  • Rock Pool Research
  • Bubble Bubble
  • Wonderfall
  • Presto!
  • Lives of Animals
  • Once Were Workers
  • Whither and Whence

*Bonus: Patchwork Memories – the mechanic is great for all-ages and changing the examples, like a first kiss, to opening a present, can make it accessible for kids.


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