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TTRPGkids archive dive – Looking back on April 2022

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in April 2022!

Reviews for Dino Riderz, Jump Rangers, Gangs Jr., and Sodalitas

Sodalitas RPG cover image

I did quite a few reviews again starting with Dino Riderz, a great prehistoric themed tabletop RPG that my kid REALLY liked (there’s dino companions for your characters, so that’s an auto-win). I also checked out Jump Rangers, a space opera tabletop RPG that’s since added a ton of extra adventures, worlds, and data decks to fill the galaxy. I tried out Gangs Jr., a wargame style setting that’s made for kids and had a great time building a block city to play in. We also tried Sodalitas, which is a great system for running short sessions with young kids or as part of an after school program!

Interview with Adam from Game to Grow

I sat down to chat with Adam from Game to Grow and talked about his favorite tabletop RPG moments, how he came to be a founder of Game to Grow, what Game to Grow does, and Critical Core, a therapeutic tabletop RPG! We had a great discussion, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Tips and tricks for creators, tracking spells, and crafting a dice roller

I created a quick guide for creators to utilize TTRPGkids to help with spreading word about their games in an effort to create more of a writer community surrounding TTRPGkids. I also made two tips and tricks article for everyone in general to help with tracking spells for young kids (even if they can’t ready yet) and for making some cool dice roller crafts using household materials!

Release of Critter Mech Squad

Critter Mech Squad title image

Now that I had finished with StoryGuider, I wanted to continue writing but for some new systems, so I joined a second Caltrop Core Jam and made Critter Mech Squad! Like with Solar Mech Squad, you still control a giant mech, but this time, you’re saving animals (kind of like in Octonauts or Creature Cases). This game teaches empathy and how to do research along with just being a fun adventure!

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