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Whether you want to see what’s up with TTRPGs in education or you’re here from the convention and are looking for more info and resources, check out this page for your EDU TTRPG one stop shop!

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School is an RPG

Innovative teachers are transforming learning with the power of tabletop role-playing games - find out how!

Events featuring TTRPGs at SXSW EDU 2023!

Prepare for Adventure: Learn to Use TTRPGs to Teach (March 7, 3:30pm CT)

In this workshop, we’ll be running participants through an actual educational game that teaches middle school math, biology, and literacy that relate back to curriculum targets! After the workshop, we’ll break down how this can be used for classrooms in general with little prep and the benefits experienced during the game. Check the SXSW page here!

All School is Roleplay: TTRPGs as Learning Tools (March 8, 11:30am CT)

This event is a presentation and Q&A combo where we’ll be going into more detail on how to use tabletop RPGs for educational applications and giving examples about how we have used TTRPGs and TTRPG elements in pre-K, middle school, and college level classes to help students learn more effectively. Check the SXSW page here!

About the presenters!

Michael Low

Michael facilitates educational TTRPG classes that focus on literacy and engagement, and he also writes and publishes his own games!

Check out Michael’s work here!

And check out the latest TTRPGkids feature on Michael’s KS, Luna Uni! Much of the art seen in the 3/7 workshop is from Luna Uni, and it’s an awesome game + toolkit + teacher guide for running educational TTRPGs in the classroom.

Maryanne Cullinan

Maryanne is using TTRPGs in her middle school classes to teach a variety of subjects from mathematics to mythology, is doing academic research on using TTRPGs in the classroom, and runs a massive after school TTRPG program!

Check out Culliope’s Cauldron, a middle School RPG resource here!

Chris Hopper

Chris has published and consulted on numerous TTRPGs, is part of Bard Commune (a TTRPG creator mentorship program), and has a strong focus on TTRPG accessibility!

Check out Chris’s work here!

Steph (from TTRPGkids)

Steph runs this blog to be a resource for parents, teachers, and other facilitators to run TTRPGs with kids, publishes their own TTRPGs, and uses RPG elements in the classes that they teach!

Check out the TTRPGkids linktree here!

Educational TTRPG Resources

TTRPGs for kids and all ages

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TTRPG EDU focused interviews
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Thank you for checking out the site, and I hope my other posts can help you out too, and check out the post SXSW EDU recap that I posted here for how the event went and some next steps for TTRPGkids! I hope you were able to find some helpful resources, and, if you have further questions, please feel free to reach out. I make TTRPGs for pre-K kids and use RPG elements in the engineering college course that I teach, and I am very happy to talk shop.

There’s also a community of TTRPG educators connecting through the TTRPGkids social media (linktree here has all the links you need), and you can also reach me through the site’s contact form. I also have a monthly newsletter where I summarize all my articles at the end of each month so it’s easy to keep up to date on the latest resources and info.

Thank you again for looking into adding TTRPGs to your classroom, and happy gaming!

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