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TTRPGkids archive dive – Looking back on February 2022

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in January 2022!

Reviews for Mages and Macrophages, Felt, Friendship, and Feelings, and Princesses of the Pizza Parlor

Princesses of the Pizza Parlor - book 3

This month was very busy on the blog and included 3 reviews! Mages and Macrophages is a zombie apocalypses set game with mechanics geared towards easy play on a typical d20 system. Felt, Friendship, and Feelings was like playing out episodes of Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock with my 3 year old! And Princesses of the Pizza Parlor is a fun book series that’s all about playing D&D with friends and tailoring tabletop RPGs to kids as part of the story.

Featured projects: Class Cheat Sheets, Banda’s Grove, You’re Not a Wizard, Push SRD

Feb 2022 was also very popular for kickstarters! I featured the Class Cheat Sheets, which help you to track and create characters, Banda’s Grove, which is a game and setting for a quantum campground, and You’re Not a Wizard, where you fake your way through magic school. All three projects successfully funded and can now be found online! I also featured Push SRD to help highlight this cool, rules-lite system that has a lot of versatility for games with kids.

Interview with Allen, author of The Voidbringer book series

I had the opportunity to chat with Allen, author of The Voidbringer book series. We talked about how he played tabletop RPGs with his kids, took inspiration from those experiences, and wrote an awesome adventure that follows a group of siblings who are playing tabletop RPGs together!

Tips and tricks for running mini games in your tabletop RPGs with kids

I also wrote and article about running mini games in the middle of your tabletop RPG. These really help to keep kids engaged and focused, plus they’re fantastic learning experiences. In parallel I released a huge bundle of mini games, for free, from the StoryGuider series!

tracing spells

Release of Bakers, Charge!

I made Bakers, Charge! as part of the Charge Jam on itchio, and it’s been one of my most popular games! You get to play in a cooking competition, similar to The Great British Baking Show or Iron Chef, to make amazing treats for the judge!

Bakers Charge! a baking competition TTRPG - cover image

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