TTRPGkids partnering with Crowdfundr

TTRPGkids is partnering with Crowdfundr for Kids and YA Creator Month!

In July, Crowdfundr is holding a spotlight event for Kids and YA Content Creators, and TTRPGkids is partnering to help highlight kid-friendly TTRPGs during the event!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be partnering with Crowdfundr for their Kids and YA Content Creator month in July this year to help boost kid-friendly TTRPG projects!

The Crowdfundr Creator Spotlight month is a really good opportunity for you to get your project out there with free support and social media advertising AND for people who want to find projecs to get in on from the start for some awesome work.

kids and YA creator july event parnter
contact for help with YOUR kid-focused crowdfundr project!

If you’re a creator who wants to be part of the event, make sure to:

Please also let me know how I can help support your project! I post reviews and featured project articles to help boost creators, can help with finding social media support, and can put you in contact with individuals at Crowdfundr who are able to assist with setting up your project.

For examples of some past projects that successfully funded on Crowdfundr:

And for an example project that will be running during the event (kicking off June 15 and running through July 31), check out my Crowdfundr! I’m using them too, and the process so far has been a really good experience with their team.

TTRPGkids crowdfundr launching June 15
TTRPGkids Crowdfundr launching June 15, 2023

Please contact Crowdfundr with your projects during this time, and let me know, either through comments below, the writing request form, or by emailing if you’re looking for a TTRPGkids boost as well.

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