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TTRPGkids archive dive – Looking back on January 2022

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in January 2022!

Reviews for Hero’s Tale and Adorablins!

adorablins cover image

I reviewed Hero’s Tale last year, which is a great full system alternative to some of the larger tabletop RPGs out there, capturing the feel and complexity of a long-spanning campaign but with more intuitive mechanics and encouragement to do good.

I also got to review an advanced copy of Adorablins, which has now been fully funded and is available for you to try to! It’s a cute dimension hopping game of goblins for all ages!

Featured project: Disaster Hamsters 2

I started making featured project articles in January 2022 to help support crowdfunding campaigns that didn’t have a module for me to try out yet, and the first one was Disaster Hamsters 2! Designed with both kids and grown ups in mind, it’s now available after last year’s launch!

Interviews with Kristin and Tim AND with Navaar

Secret Nerd Podcast

I was able to do two interviews in one month! First was Kristin and Tim from Dice Up Games where we talked about how they started tabletop RPGs with their kids and were working on Adorablins!

I then got the opportunity to sit down with Navaar from Secret Nerd Podcast to talk about his perspective and questions that he had about running tabletop RPGs with kids!

Tips and tricks collaboration with Michael from Luck of Legends

Michael from Luck of Legends and I created a pair of articles in parallel to each other to help highlight some of the difference, similarities, and approaches when it came to our experiences running tabletop RPGs with kids! Check Michael’s article here and my article here!

Release of the StoryGuider Mediator Mouse adventure trilogy!

M the Mediator Mouse from StoryGuider RPG

In Jan 2022, I released the Mediator Mouse Trilogy for StoryGuider – this is a set of premade adventures for pre-K kids that focuses on learning about social emotional skills while having fun and going on adventures with M… the Mediator Mouse.

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