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TTRPGkids archive dive – Looking back on September 2021

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in September 2021!

Game reviews: Dino Ninja, Shrewmanji, and Amazing Tales!

Dino Ninja tabletop roleplaying game cover

Back in September 2021, I reviewed three tabletop RPGs for kids: Dino Ninja, Shrewmanji, AND Amazing Tales! From action-packed dino adventures to movie throwback parodies to stories that got my kid involved in world-building, this was a really good month for trying out games with my kid!

Interview with Jamie and Lawrence from Dad’s and Dragons Podcast!

Dad's and Dragons tabletop RPG podcast logo

I also had an awesome chat with Jamie and Lawrence about their fam-friendly D&D podcast, Dad’s and Dragons! It was a lot of fun getting to find out about how they started playing tabletop RPGs, they interviewed me on their podcast, and I’ve since gotten to play a couple of online D&D games with them (which was a total blast)!

Tips and Tricks and “Where to Find”: Alternative gaming minis!

For this month’s tips and tricks about easy craft minis, I paired it with a “where to find” minis article to give options for both making your own alternative game minis at home OR to buy ready-made minis that you could customize! These have been a couple of my most popular tips and tricks articles (as of Sept 2022), so I’m happy to see they’re helping people find some different options! I’ve updated all the links in the where to find article, so check back to find some new stores, and I hope they help!

DIY sticky note game minis that stick to the board

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