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TTRPGkids Archive Dive – Looking back on May 2021!

As we round out a full year of TTRPGkids, I want to look back at some of the projects that got this all started and continue to check out all the awesome creators out there who did some cool work last year and continue to do so today!

Review of No Mice, No Meowsters 

No Mice, No Meowsters was the first actual TTRPG that I played with kiddo and my first game review!  It’s a fun and wacky cat-themed game filled with tons of freeform shenanigans for kids to get into RP with.  

Interview with Miranda from World of Corde

My first interview for the site was with Miranda from World of Corde.  She’s a mom and a teacher who has been playing TTRPG’s with her family and runs an AMAZING blog where you can read up on their latest adventures!  The blog is still going with the kids all getting more and more involved in the game.  I also and truly honored to know Miranda as she’s often a light in the community on TTRPG twitter and is an inspiration as a mom and just as a person in general.

Tips and Tricks: Point Trackers

This point trackers article was my first tips and tricks, and I loved doing crafts with kiddo for this.  We still use a lot of these point trackers in our games today, and I hope they are helping you out too!

Review of Fairies of the Mistglade

Another very early game that I tried with my kid was Fairies of the Mistglade!  We loved the story and puzzles, and we have since played several other games from Family Fantasy RPG, collaborated on a joint Family Fantasy and TTRPGkids game with proceeds going to charity, and done a charity stream!  It’s been my pleasure to know Colin and get to try out these games with kiddo!

Review of Magical Kitties Save the Day

Magical Kittes Save the Day was a lot of fun to play in as part of a virtual charity convention – there’s a lot of cool game play and more cat-themed shenanigans (we love those in our house) in a fun family-friendly setting.  I am happy to see the follow up kickstarter being a huge success and happy to hear about podcasts playing this game as well now!

Interview with Ryan from FlipTales

I had the pleasure of talking with Ryan about his game, FlipTales, during this interview, and it was one of the first times I got to talk with someone about all the development, time, and consideration that went into making a game.  This was a great deep-dive into some mechanics and playtesting involved with TTRPG’s as well as just a fun chat about TTRPG’s in general. 

And with that, I want to again thank you all for the first year with TTRPGkids!  I am grateful to all the projects above who were willing to take a chance with me and spend the time for a chat, interview, or game trial as I was getting started out with the blog, and I look forward to seeing everyone here succeed as they continue with their projects!  

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or have checked out the projects above!  I’d love to hear from you all and thank you for checking out the articles here!

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