Tips and Tricks: Creating a TTRPG setting that captivates young kids

Before you even start playing a TTRPG with your kid, you want to make sure they’re going to be interested and invested. Here are some tips and ideas for how to set your game up to draw your kid’s attention from the start, help them feel seen and heard, and provide good story hooks to keep them sticking around.

Tips and Tricks: Quick and easy minis/game piece crafts for kids

Minis are awesome props to use when playing TTRPG’s, but there’s always some problems with bumping the board or potential for breaking them. Here are some alternative minis crafts and suggestions that can help you bring minis to the table and help engage your kids!

Tips and tricks: 12 ideas for helping kids stay interested when playing TTRPG’s

Playing tabletop role playing games (TTRPG’s) with kids can be a lot of fun, however… sometimes the session starts out great and 5 minutes in, they’ve got the fidgets and aren’t interested anymore. Here are some tips and tricks to help with setting up a game that’s interesting for your children, keeping their interest through the story, and understanding their limits.

Sam, the Educational DM’s tips for playing TTRPGs with young kids, part 1

I am happy to post our first guest article from Sam, the Educational DM! He shares his insights into playing TTRPG’s with kids from the viewpoint of teaching, and has regular advice on how to help make games with kids more interesting, engaging, and educational! I am excited to bring in more points of view and include advice for a larger range of TTRPG use – I hope Sam’s tips help with games for your class or family!