Kid-friendly tabletop RPGs about dungeons!

Check out this list of all-ages indie TTRPGs that take place in or focus on a dungeon! Whether diving in to explore or emerging from one because your character lived there, there’s lots to discover.

Dungeon-themed TTRPGs reviewed or featured on TTRPGkids

Dungeon Run Adventures

I feel like I have to list this one first because it’s got “dungeon” right there in the name. Dungeon Run Adventures is a Color My Quest expansion that provide you with a ton of different pre-made dungeons to explore or race other players through without the need for a GM to moderate! The art and content is made to be kid-friendly and includes both encounters and environmental challenges for players to overcome.

DnD Adventure Club

I’ve checked out a few of the DnD AC games line up (here and here), and these are full of a variety of adventures, including many dungeon dives. There’s interesting traps and puzzles to work through, treasure to uncover, and more in every adventure, and there’s new ones still coming out every month. They’re made for young players (about ages 8+) and are also great pre-made dungeons for new GM’s to run and learn how to make their own.

Paris Gondo and the Life Saving Magic of Inventorying

This one is a bit different because your adventure starts at the end of a dungeon! In Paris Gondo, you’ve already beaten the boss or found your treasure… and now you have to decide what loot to take with you and then make your way OUT instead of IN. You still have trials to pass and encounters to face on your way out, but it’s a twist on the attitude and direction of most dungeon-based scenarios.

Feathered Adventures

With stories that echo themes from shows like Duck Tales, Feathered Adventures is another TTRPG that gives lots of tools and opportunities for dungeon exploration. The scene mechanics for your exploits in these stories focus largely on exploring underground mazes, tunnels, and more with some very cartoony and kid-friendly vibes.

The Goblings

Now, what happens when you are one of the dungeon’s inhabitants? In The Goblings, you start out in your goblin hole, which you have time to explore, and are sent out on a quest to add to the goblin queen’s treasure horde! Instead of venturing into a dark and dangerous cave where you seek treasure, you’re venturing out of your dark and dangerous cave home base to seek treasure for your home. It’s a fun reverse of what a lot of dungeon-based stories focus on, and it’s also adorable, irreverent, and a bit silly to play.

Dungeon themed TTRPGs recommended by others

For other recommendations, let me know what you’d recommend to check out! There’s a lot of TTRPGs out there, and I’m looking for ones that are specifically honing in on that all-ages friendly vibe or that are appropriate for younger players and that have a strong thematic focus centered around dungeons. If you have a suggestion for a game to check out, let me know in the comments, fill out the form here, or email so I can take a look and add it to this section!

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